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Technology & Humanity

2020 - 2022 BUSINESS PLAN

Modelling the Integration of Technology & Humanity

Our Strategic Priority Areas and Goals


Number Two

Products and Processes:

Simplifying Connections


Enable increased connection in the safety system through improved and innovative means allowing for efficient and positive user experience of our products and processes.

Goals as defined by Milestones of the 10-Year Strategic Plan:

2020 Business Plan - Priority 2
2020 Business Plan - Priority 2 mobile
2022 Outcomes 2020 Actions 2021 Actions 2022 Actions
A client-centric service delivery model is designed and implemented that empowers clients and employees with better processes and tools to reduce connection barriers and maximize value.

Design and map client first people-centric business processes that remove barriers to  connection and reduce complexity in the delivery of our products.

Select a technology platform that is sustainable and scalable to support business and service transformation.

Establish and validate Master Data for core and client processes.

Begin implementation of redesigned core business processes on selected technology platform

Standardize product, process and information definitions.

Improve the tracking of our core and client processes to enhance the use of metrics in decision making.

Complete substantive implementation of  redesigned core business processes..

Complete refinement of master data process alignment enabling the capture and use of accurate and effective data in decision making.

Active participation in the safety system grows and is sustained through the use of improved and innovative products and channels

 Redesign Technical Safety BC website for quick and more intuitive access to information.

 Improve processes and guidelines for design registration to enhance the accountability of design, installation and safe operation.

 Further develop an economic model across more technologies to better understand participation levels.

 Identify and act on opportunities identified  to grow and retain connection in the safety system.

Build digital journey mapping capabilities 

Automate exam bookings to improve the user experience and ease of accomplishing career certifications.

Automate utility energization with valid permits in the electrical technology.

Continuously improve our response and turnaround times for our products and service delivery.

Integrate the client portal and website for a holistic experience for our clients and employees.

Automate payment systems to improve the ease and transaction time for clients and employees.

Automate utility energization with valid permits in the gas technology.
Fees reflect safety value and fairness, and support a sustainable business model for the organization and the safety system.  Evaluate a simplified fee model to incorporate; fairness, risk, performance and cost.

Fee metrics are defined, and implement a simplified fee structure for one product area.

Analyze business processes  for unintended consequences on people or the environment.

Implement actions from the climate change plan.