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Codes & Standards



As a regulator, we contribute to technical code and standards development, ensuring that BC's specific needs are considered prior to adoption. We contribute the learnings we've made through incidents, to help evolve and strengthen the safety system. 



Key Statistics



regulatory instruments (safety orders, directives, information bulletins) issued in 2018. 


issue-specific consultations in 2018.


associations/national codes and standards committees we participated in



Associations / National Codes & Standards Committees

The following is a listing of all industry associations and national codes and standards committees which Technical Safety BC participated in during 2018.

Amusement Devices
  • ASTM F24 – Standards Development for Amusement Rides/Devices (F2783 Standard Practice for Canada Member)
Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Refrigeration
  • Association of Chief Inspectors (ACI Member)
  • CSA B51 Code Technical Committee (Member)
  • CSA B52 Code Technical Committee (Member)
  • National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (Member)
  • Standardization of Power Engineers Examination Committee (SOPEEC) (Member)
  • Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety - (CACES)
  • CACES Subcommittee on the SPE-1000 
  • CACES Subcommittee on Standard Effective Dates
  • CACES Subcommittee on Energy Storage Systems (Chair)
  • CACES Subcommittee on the  Online Sale of Unapproved Products (Chair)
  • Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (Inside Wiring Rules) - TC 
  • CE Code, Part I Regulatory Authority Committee - RAC 
  • CSA Part I, Section 22 Subcommittee, Locations in which corrosive liquids, vapours, or excessive moisture are likely to be present
  • CSA Part I, Section 38 Subcommittee, Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Material Lifts, Escalators, Moving Walks, Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities, and similar Equipment - TSC 
  • CSA Part I, Section 58 Subcommittee, Passenger Ropeways and Similar Equipment - TSC 
  • CSA Part I, Section 66 Subcommittee, Amusement Parks, Midways, Carnivals, Film and TV Sets, TV Remote Broadcasting Locations, and Travelling Shows - TSC 
  • CSA Part I, Section 70 Subcommittee, Electrical Requirements for Factory Built Relocatable Structures & Non-Relocatable Structures - TSC 
  • CSA Part I, Section 72 Subcommittee, Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Parks - TSC 
  • CSA Part I, Section 74 Subcommittee, Airport Installations - TSC 
  • CSA Part I, Section 78 Subcommittee, Marine Wharves, Docking Facilities, Fixed and Floating Piers, and Boathouses - TSC 
  • UL Standards Technical Panel 2200, Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies
  • UL Standards Technical Panel 8800, Horticultural Lighting Equipment
  • UL 2577 Ed. 1 - Suspended Ceiling Grid Low Voltage Systems and Equipment
  • UL 1088 Ed. 7 (Proposed) - Proposed Edition - UL 1088 Ed. 7
  • TC1088, addressing Temporary Lighting Strings (UL 1088/ULC 1088)
  • International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) 
  • BC Electrical Association (Member, Board of Directors
Elevating Devices
  • CSA B44 / ASME A17.1 Elevator Safety Codes Committee 
  • Association of Provincial Chief Elevator Inspectors
  • CSA B44 / ASME A17.1 Escalator and Moving Walk Committee 
  • Engineers and Geo Scientists of BC, Elevating Devices Sub Committee
  • CSA B149.1 Code Committee, Natural gas and propane installation code
  • CSA B149.2 Code Committee, Propane storage and handling code
  • CSA B149.3 Code Committee, Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment
  • CSA B149.5 Code Committee. Installation code for propane fuel systems and containers on motor vehicles
  • CSA B149.6 Code Committee, Code for digester gas, landfill gas, and biogas generation and utilization
  • CSA B108 Code Committee, Compressed natural gas fueling stations and installation
  • CSA B109 Code Committee, Natural gas for vehicles installation code
  • Interprovincial Gas Advisory Council
  • SMC to ISO/TC 291, Domestic Cooking Appliances
  • NGV Gas Transportation
  • Fuels and Appliances, SSC
  • ULC Advisory Council
Passenger Ropeways
  • CSA, Z98 Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors Committee
  • Advisory Council on Railway Safety (Canada  - National Provincial Representative)
  • Federal / Provincial Working Group on Railway Safety (Canada)
  • Operation Lifesaver Western Canada 
  • BC Common Ground Alliance (Board of Directors)
  • Cross-Government Compliance and Enforcement Collaborative 




Recent Consultations

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Railway Consultation

In 2018 we sought feedback from the railway industry on the Canadian Rail Operating Rules, the Track Safety Rules, and the Safety Management System Regulations.

Renewable Energy

We consulted with industry on new, lower-priced electrical installation permit fees for interconnection equipment connecting to systems that produce and store electricity.

Canadian Electrical Code

We consulted with industry on adoption of the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, with minor variations including enhancements to continuing education requirements.