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Alternative Safety Approaches



Alternative Safety Approaches (ASAs) are developed with owners and operators in the oil and gas, propane, bio-energy, LNG, and institutional sectors. They provide a way for an owner or primary operator to undertake regulated work or use regulated products in a way that is different from traditional prescriptive requirements, but consistent with the safety objectives of the Safety Standards Act.

We oversee the acceptance of ASAs for all technologies in accordance with the Safety Standards Act and the Alternative Safety Approaches Regulation.



Key Statistics



Equivalent Standard Approaches in 2018.


Safety Management Plans in 2018.


incidents or injuries related to Alternative Safety Approaches.



Incidents & Injuries

There were no incidents or injuries related to Alternative Safety Approaches in 2018.


Alternative Safety Approaches

There are two types of Alternative Safety Approach:

  1. Equivalent Standard Approach (ESA), or

  2. Safety Management Plan Approach (SMP).

These options apply in different situations, based on a proponent’s needs. However, the application process and Technical Safety BC’s service delivery for each varies little, except in scale.

The number of ASAs in 2018 decreased slightly compared to 2017. 


Assessments & Audits

As a performance-based approach to achieving compliance with the Safety Standards Act, assessment of that performance is done using standard audit processes consistent with the International Standards Organization standard ISO19011—Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems. Audit findings for sites operating with an accepted ASA are categorized in a manner similar to as-found conditions for traditional inspection-based assessments. The audit process used by Technical Safety BC assesses how the procedures and processes identified in the ASA meet or exceed the objectives of the Safety Standards Act, to minimize risks, hazardous installation or operation.


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