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Passenger Ropeways



Technical Safety BC oversees the safety of passenger ropeways throughout British Columbia in accordance with the Safety Standards Act and the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation. These include tramways, gondolas, chairlifts, rope tows and passenger conveyors.



Key Statistics



incidents reported to us.


injuries reported to us. 


physical assessments (inspections).




In 2018 the number of passenger ropeways incidents reported to us decreased. The category under assessment refers to incidents reported to Technical Safety BC, but which were still under investigation at year-end.

There was one major incident related to a patron falling from a passenger ropeway.


The number of injuries reported to us decreased over last year. It's important to note that we receive injury reports and descriptions from operators or first responders at the time of, or immediately following, the incident. Injuries may develop after the initial reports were made to us and the long-term effects of a resultant injury may not be recorded as part of our investigation.

There was one major injury where a patron suffered a possible hip fracture after unloading from a chairlift.

In this technology, injuries ranked minor and moderate can be quite common, and are often attributed to user behaviour rather than technical equipment failure. 


In 2018, there were 69 passenger ropeways installation / alteration permits and 215 active operating permits.

The higher volume of installation / alteration permits in 2018 reflects permits required in relation to a conveyor-related safety order we issued in 2017. 


Technical Safety BC safety officers completed 180 physical assessments (inspections) of passenger ropeways equipment in 2018. Those assessments are rated as follows:

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