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Technology & Humanity

2020 - 2022 BUSINESS PLAN

Modelling the Integration of Technology & Humanity


Technical Safety BC’s new 10-Year Strategy guides us as leaders in technical safety; using knowledge, influence and innovation to provide confidence in the safety system. Milestones from the 10-Year Strategy inform the 2020-2022 business plan’s goal and connect core work and project deliverables with the strategic direction of the organization.

This year’s business plan was designed with the organization’s core values in mind. Learn about our values and what we do.

The 2020-2022 business plan builds on the past year’s efforts and continues to reflect the organization’s priorities to increase understanding of technical knowledge and connection to the safety system, as well as to influence behaviour choices that advance safety throughout the province. It also highlights key investment priorities which address critical market needs of today and the future.



In 2019

Technical Safety BC delivered on multiple safety leadership initiatives to advance technical knowledge within the industry, increase client engagement and connection to the safety system and to understand decisions that influence and promotes safe behaviours by our clients and ultimately all British Columbians.

Client technical knowledge was advanced by:

creating sample plans using predictive algorithms to help understand and identify high-hazards and potential risks related to different applications of technical equipment;

redesigning our learning management system to increase access to educational tools and to improve our clients’ experience, knowledge and skills; and

improving our internal capacity to establish and publish cause and prevention information, and enhance understanding of technical system incidents.

New client tools were launched to improve connection to the safety system, they are:

new online tracking of non-compliances to improve client services and experience;

Voluntary Disclosure Program to support contractors who may have been non-compliant in the past by encouraging them to voluntarily come forward and disclose all non-compliant activities without risk of enforcement;   

new certification standards and class of contractor license for pressure welders, renewed certification standards for FSR’s, and new plant operating permits for certain classes of boiler plants; and

publication of duty holder records as a platform for data transparency and the building of a foundational structure of our public registry.

Positive behaviour changes were influenced with:

the development of a new behavioural programs strategy to better understand safety-minded decision-making and behavioural influences; and

the implementation of critical data governance practices to improve data management capabilities and data quality, which allows for better understanding of past, existing and future client behaviours.


In 2020

In 2020, we will continue to build on past initiatives and the three strategic priorities of Safety Leadership, Product and Processes, and People and Innovation:


Number One

Safety Leadership:

Taking Action

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Number Two

Product and Processes:

Simplifying Connections

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Number Three

People and Innovation:

Changing Behaviour

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We will empower our clients to make safety-minded decisions and meet safety requirements more efficiently by improving our systems and processes to better address the market needs and expectations. By leveraging knowledge and sharing insights, we will increase data transparency and make it easier for clients to understand their responsibilities and make safer decisions, and for employees to deliver work that provides the most value to all British Columbians.


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