Compliance and Enforcement

Technical Safety BC administers the Safety Standards Act and associated regulations that apply throughout British Columbia, including on lands that are subject to federal regulation for other purposes.

If you are installing, operating, manufacturing, altering, maintaining, or selling equipment in any of the technologies we regulate—and fail to adhere to the Safety Standards Act—Technical Safety BC may take compliance and enforcement action.

Does this apply to me? 

Technical Safety BC will potentially take action when compliance with the Safety Standards Act is not met. This includes: 

  • When individuals have chosen to operate outside of the safety system
  • When safety hazards are found 
  • When individuals have resisted attempts to make their work or equipment compliant.

What happens if I am non-compliant? 

Disregarding any elements of BC’s safety system may result in Technical Safety BC taking action.

Technical Safety BC has a range of enforcement actions which includes issuing warning notices, monetary penalties, and even suspension of contractor licenses or individual qualifications.

View our Monetary Penalty Calculator to find out how much non compliance could cost.

How can I become compliant?

We understand that sometimes mistakes are made, that permits are overlooked or projects are undervalued. When this happens we believe that duty holders deserve a second shot at compliance — an opportunity to set the record straight and avoid any penalties they may face for non-compliant work.

That’s why we launched our Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP). This one-time opportunity provides contractors with a pathway back into the safety system, so they can voluntarily make work compliant without facing penalties or costly fines.

Find out more about our Voluntary Disclosure Program. 

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