SSA Amendments – Registry and Advertising Changes Feedback summary: Appendix A

Verbatim comments about removing enforcement information from the Registry


ResponseID Response
28 No Comment
29 Reduce the period to 2 years
30 It''s a good idea
32 Heavy Fines & Incarcerations for fraudulent Contractors!
33 No 
35 BC Safety is an organization searching for relevance. We do not need additional BS red tape from an organization that adds little value to the safety envelope of a business. We are already self-regulating by dint of our requirements to satisfy the insurance companies in order to get insurance. BC Safety needs to back away from the direction they are going
36 Totally agree on proposal to prevent unqulified persons from doing elany ectrical work.
41 After 7 years does it really matter if they are still there. Does TSBC have any contractors that they consult with before the waste their time on stuff like this
43 Depending on the severity of the violation if the violation is significant it should stay on public record
47 Well my FSR is under my personal name and I advertise my company name on my advertisements. I'm not going to invest thousands of dollars to remake my signs so I can put my license number on it that's insane. How are you going to mitigate this?
50 If this were to happen I would support paying higher permit fees to be able to enforce non licensed workers advertising on all media platforms including Instagram and Facebook, I see many people advertising side work or people asking for electricians and not using licensed contractors
51 I think if you have a good compliance record you have nothing to worry about. If you have a bad track record you should not be able to continue work as a gas fitter . 
53 who cares as bc safety does what it likes !!
54 I believe that records are private and should only be accessible with consent form the safety authority and contractor.  If the contractor has nothing to hide then there shouldn't be any problems
56 If you have good track record you have nothing to worry about. There are going to be times a non compliance issue comes up nobody is perfect. At least this way the good are separated from the bad. 
59 Does this include un qualified trades advertising AC installations when they do not hold a refrigeration red seal? I know there is no permit required for installations under 5kw but will this be looked at? As this is considered refrigeration equipment under the scope.
61 Contractors should have the opportunity to improve their craft and their compliance. The goal of TSBC should not be punishment, rather elevation and constant improvement of the regulated trades. 
66 Those of us with clean records and near perfect compliance should not have to compete nor have those in the field that are failing to uphold policy. Been on an even field with our business and consumer customers. Extreme and substantial errors and deficiences should remain for at least 10 years on anyones record. 
72 In the gas job market, There are too many un licensed people working on it.
73 After 7 years a contractor may apply, this is our reason for Strongly support. NOT any sooner.
76 I do not think that minor enforcement actions should be included. We do numerous permits through out the year and find that by doing a large amount of permits will also create a larger amount of inspections that may have a non compliance.
77 Even this survey as well as the permit and declaration forms  could be adapted to accommodate the specialized niche that is the temporary permits for the film industry as well as travelling  amusement companies.   They ask for irrelevant information and don't ask for relevant information        Just a thought anyway you guys are doing a great job especially helping over the phone
79 Should incorporate a minimum period of compliance of 3 years, for example
80 None
82 Read that it would be a 7 year period before application would be possible. Feel this is too long, somewhere in the 3-5 year span would be better. Other option would be to assign different time period lengths for differing compliance items.
85 these records show a persons/contractors attitude towards the rules and codes put in place for the public safety and with them the department can track a particular persons/contractors history if enforcement is needed. It may show a trend of violation which would help the dept apply adequate enforcement or fines and suspension. 
87 The record should be automatically removed, without application, after a certain time period. I assume the same publication and records will be published for safety officers, after manager review.
89 Proposal 1 - Removing compliance and enforcement records from the registry  Put a definition up about what a compliance record looks like.  I don't even know if I have one although I have failed one or two inspections over the last 34 years.  So no definition = not enough information.  Please send this document out again with the correction.  Failed public consultation.  Please resubmit.
90 Would like to see more enforcement against "handyman" than actual trades
93 Both proposals have definite merit. It is very disappointing to see persons doing qualified word without certification or qualification. 
95 The public should be able to check out how good an electrician is based on compliance results. There is to many so called contractors out there that are not as experienced and qualified to do the job and too many Journeyman and above that are not current to the most recent code working well above there real qualifications and getting business because of their price point. 
96 How about you also list the appeals made against your inspectors and the rulings result.
105 employ more inspectors rather than threaten contractors with all kinds of rules, etc.You will always find the good, the bad, and the really bad in any type offield, even in yours. The world is fast becoming an on line maze full of ridiculous rules and threats, and I am more than happy to soon be retiring from my vocation.
110 I would support a contractor or trades person being able to apply to have records of compliance and enforcement actions removed from the registry only after sufficient time has elapsed after the action or offense was committed and can sub,it evidence that during that period they can prove they have no longer engaged in illegal or dangerous trade practices
111 I think it is a good opportunity for contractors electrical or otherwise to learn and grow in an open environment to the public and industry alike. Perfection doesn't exist and there will always be code violations mostly unintended.  If Technical Safety BC provides an environment where companies and licensed tradespeople can address past unintended code or other violations in an open environment, one that focuses on rebuilding attention to achieve the desired outcomes of compliance - without a system of penalization, I believe overall safety will be enhanced in the long run for the citizens of BC.   
112 We need to have the same ability to correct the actions of an incompetent inspector. Holding technical safety accountable for incorrect actions taken against a compliant contractor.  Also "inspectors should not be allowed to work on the side for a contractor while working for technical safety. It's like the Fox guarding the hen house. 
113 "The amendments also make the Safety Standards Appeals Board more efficient by allowing summary dismissal of appeals where there are no reasonable prospects of success. They also allow Technical Safety BC to deliver notices required by the Act or regulations by email." I am a little concerned by this in who's opinion is "no reasonable prospects"
117 This provides important information to protect the public.
128 I do not see this as a good or bad thing.
131 I think that if the track record is good after a period of time, then the records should be removed following an application process
132 It's about time.
133 Poor and unsafe work is becoming to common.
135 Publicly shaming contractors for non-compliance will not build a relationship between technical safety and contractors. Bad move in my mind. Resentment will only fuel more non permitted work.
137 They should only be removed if the offender has a record of generally being in compliance. If, as a company, the company does not pull permits for small jobs, so as to be competitive, that should remain until they prove they are compliant.
139 It depends on if it is a licensed contractor or an unlicensed contractor. Unlicensed contractors should be treated more aggressively than licensed contractors. Actions records on a licensed contractor could significantly cause undue financial hardship, something TSBC is mandated to avoid. 
140 If you are working to fix the mistakes and do not have noncompliance  for one year  then it should be removed  , we don,t live in a perfect world 
142 not sure how this will help any thing
147 Garbage contractors are just that
152 I agree with both of these changes.
161 Persons who decide to work without permit, qualification and license in the past will likely do it again.  They will only comply with regulations as long as they have to but will break regulations again at the first chance they get.  These kind of people should be always in public records to ensure buyer is aware.
163 I have concerns about contractors or individuals who have a number of non-compliance or enforcement actions being able to "clear the slate". That would make it appear they have no history of non-compliances, and may mislead potential clients who are looking at the contractors track record.    I do support the proposal in cases where there are one or two non-compliances, or if several non-compliances were due to one individual within a company and that employee is no longer with that company. 
168 No
170 for one offence but multiples should remain 
175 I would consider 7 years a suitable amount of time lapse to allow this. 
178 Enforcement is required - 
181 If in my trade a Gasfitter has been written up for safety violations then it should stay on their record 
182 past violations is a way to verify present and future compliance issues. it gives a starting point as to what you should look at when a contractor applies for a contract.
189 What do you want to achieve by such proposal? 
195 Everyone should have the opportunity to be pardoned if they have fixed their error(s). Question is, how long should they have to wait to apply? I'm thinking 5 years.
197 I think that if an individual or contractor does not have repetitive major offences that they could be removed after a period of time; somewhat like a driving infraction fine disappears after 3 years.
199 no
201 If the time period is long enough, such as the suggested 7 years, and the business does not show a continuing trend of non-compliance issues, then it would be fair to allow that business to go through a process to clear their name.
205 It's a good idea. Potential customers can view a company's track record so could potential employers
217 I think records should only be removed after a period of about 5 years
219 You will do what you want anyway, so why ask for opinions? Renewal of a red seal certificate is criminal at worst and ludicrous at best. Its always about the money. Follow the money and see whose hand is out, usually some government agency. By the look of how you do business, yours. 
220 Somebody who has been keeping a good track record of perhaps 5 years should have the opportunity to wash away their bad history. Similar to a driving record. 
221 This proposal would allow discretionary power to people in a position of authority. I believe it would be appropriate to allow a means of tribunal or some such process where individuals can have the right to dispute decisions that they do not agree with. I need a more concise explanation of this proposal? Some contactors may be repeat or cronic offenders while others may have had a 1 time indiscreation, how do you propose to differentiate between these 2 extremes? The property owner should be held accountable aswell, how will this put pressure on the property owner to ensure their contractor is compliant?
222 Own the mistakes you make, they are a part of your past, they don't go away.  A record is a record for a reason, as soon as it is not a per.inant record, your organization becomes pointless.
224 If you learn and improve you should have your record reflect your recent performance.  Perhaps and application to remedy record where you will have your work thoroughly checked for compliance for a certain period.
226 I believe that it is often enforcement for non compliance which is what turns people around to realize that they need to step up their efforts.
229 Make it like a drivers abstract, after 5 years it will automatically removed unless he's a repeat offender.