Stakeholder Engagement is about listening to those outside our organisation who are directly impacted by our activities and working with them on safety processes, ideas, innovations and improvements. Standing advisory committees and groups provide Technical Safety BC with regular access to industry insight that can influence decision making on core priorities and projects.

The Safety Standards Administrators’ Group, made up of Technical Safety BC and the local government representatives, meets three times a year in an effort to share information on municipal accomplishments and discuss ways to align responses to regulatory matters regarding gas and electrical work.

For more information on which municipalities administer the Safety Standards Act visit our Jurisdiction Information page.

We work closely with industry stakeholders, associations, and communities so they can help us identify safety issues and develop possible solutions. By working together, we are better able to understand and respond to our client's needs and expectations.

Engagement Opportunities

Information on ongoing or closed consultations from the past three years are provided on this page. For documentation on consultations older than three years, email


Refrigeration maintenance guideline consultation

Technical Safety BC consulted with industry experts on a maintenance guidelines document being drafted to help support ammonia refrigeration facilities with equipment integrity planning and safety management.


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Consultation on changes for advertising and registry

Technical Safety BC gathered feedback on two proposals related to advertising regulated work and removing records of compliance and enforcement actions from the registry.


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Amusement rides and devices proposed regulatory changes

Technical Safety BC will submit a Request for Amendment to the provincial government by December 31, 2019 which will include a summary of the input received through consultation.


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New pressure welder program and proposed fees

Our pressure welder program will introduce certificates of qualification and contractor licences beginning December 3, 2019. 


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Trampoline Parks Potential Regulation Engagement

Technical Safety BC has made a recommendation to the Government of British Columbia that trampoline parks be regulated. Our recommendation has been formulated based on research into available codes and standards, as well as our consultation with the public, industry experts, operators, owners, and patrons of trampoline parks. 



Boiler plant operating permit fee consultation

We requested industry input on proposed fees for registering and renewing boiler plant operating permits.


This consultation closed on May 3, 2019. Read the final decision

Electrical Technology Advisory Committee: 1 position open for 2019

The Electrical Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) is looking to fill one, regular member position representing electrical maintenance contractors and/or installers for a 2019-2021 term.



Elevating Devices Technology Advisory Committee: 2 positions open for 2019

The Elevating Devices Technology Advisory Committee (EDTAC) is looking to fill two, regular member positions representing Class A Elevating Device Manufacturers OR Residential Building Owners for a 2019-2021 term.


Become a member of an advisory panel

Technical Safety BC is looking for subject matter experts to participate on future advisory panels. An advisory panel is a group of between 8-12 industry representatives brought together on a short term basis to provide guidance and recommendations to Technical Safety BC on a specific issue of interest.


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Railway consultation

We sought feedback from the railway industry on the Canadian Rail Operating Rules, the Track Safety Rules, and the Safety Management System Regulations.


This consultation closed on November 23, 2018. Results will be posted shortly.

On-site electricity production and storage system connection fee consultation

We proposed a new, lower-priced category of electrical installation permit fees for interconnection equipment such as transfer switches, combiners, and inverters that connect to systems which produce and store electricity to be used on site. The proposal was intended to lower the fees paid by contractors and consumers choosing to install these types of systems.


This consultation closed on August 17, 2018. Read the final decision.

Review of Canadian Electrical Code, 2018 edition

During 2018, we reviewed the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) to assess the impact of the code changes in the province of BC and will make recommendations to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on its suitability for adoption in the province of BC.


This consultation closed on July 30, 2018. Read the feedback summary

Changes to the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation

We consulted on the 2016 edition of the ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, including maintenance control programs and specific intervals for safety system test programs and escalator test programs, and the definition of supervision of mechanics-in-training in the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation.


This consultation closed on December 1, 2017. Read the feedback summary.

Electrical FSR certification fees

We consulted on fees for certificate renewals for electrical field safety representatives.


This consultation closed on September 13, 2017. Read the final decision.

Fee consultations

We proposed changes to our 2018 fee schedules.


This consultation closed on August 8, 2017. Read the final decision.

Power engineering consultation

We consulted on changes affecting the boilers, pressure vessels, and refrigeration industries, including recognition of credentials of internationally trained workers, certificate of qualification renewal, and plant registration.


This consultation closed on August 13, 2016. Read the results of consultation and the resulting regulation changes.

Certification standardization

We consulted on certification standardization and enhancements from April to June 2016.



This consultation closed on June 13, 2016. Read the results of consultation.

Adoption of Canadian Electrical Code, 2015 edition

We proposed BC-specific amendments to the 2015 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code for adoption into the Electrical Safety Regulation.


This consultation closed on May 15, 2015. Read the final decision.

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