Advisory Groups

Objective of the Advisory Groups: “An Advisory Group consists of industry experts working directly on specific projects, priorities or initiatives. These groups assist the Technical Safety BC lead by providing input at the different stages of the project. Advisory groups help Technical Safety BC understand industry needs when making decisions about regulatory change and product or service development and delivery.”


General qualifications

Technical Safety BC seeks a broad range of expertise and experience on its Advisory Groups. Members bring their independent, well-rounded expertise to the committee as representatives of their industry sector. Members do not formally represent any affiliated association, group or organization and must be able to provide unbiased input and advice. Prospective group members should have the following general qualifications:

A solid professional reputation within the safety system and community;

Strong ethical standards and personal integrity;

Practical knowledge of, and experience in the specific technical area;

Understanding of the provincial safety system and general principles of public and worker safety;

Ability and willingness to address issues in a non-partisan manner, while considering the opinion of others and working as a team member;

Willingness and ability to attend and participate actively in discussions


Duration of project.


Group members are expected to attend one in-person kickoff meeting, unless stated otherwise and participate in ongoing discussions throughout the duration of the project. This includes conducting research, reviewing materials and when necessary, gathering input from industry peers. 

Non-Disclosure agreement

Depending on the project, you may be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement on acceptance of your advisory group position.


Membership on the project specific advisory groups is voluntary in nature. Members will receive reimbursements for any Technical Safety BC travel expenses based on Technical Safety BC’s schedule of approved expenses.

Please note: The Technical Safety BC advisory groups are not official decision-making bodies but provide insight and recommendations to Technical Safety BC for consideration.

Any information shared will be considered when making project decisions and will be recorded through a quarterly report process. These quarterly reports will be shared with appropriate Technical Safety BC employees and advisory committees. 

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