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Gas Technology Advisory Committee

Gas Technology Advisory Committee (GTAC) is a formal, standing advisory group created to facilitate discussion within the electrical industry in BC and beyond.

The role of the committee is to identify, advise, and partner with Technical Safety BC on new and emerging issues related to:

  • Technical safety
  • Regulatory improvement
  • Service delivery

Please note: GTAC is not an official decision-making body but provides insight and recommendations to Technical Safety BC for consideration. Contact For more information contact us at

Stakeholder Engagement

Technical Safety BC brings clients and various stakeholder groups together to share information and ideas to benefit the safety system. Consultations seek a broad range of input and advice, which is used to enable high quality technical risk management for communities and industries across BC.

Our Philosophy

Stakeholder engagement is an integral component to the work of Technical Safety BC. By involving our stakeholders in identifying safety issues and developing possible solutions, we grow to better understand the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our Approach

We engage through stakeholders through:

  1. Advisory bodies and;
  2. Issue-specific consultations.