Pressure welder program and fee consultation: Feedback received

The comments below were received in response to the pressure welder program and fee consultation, subject to Technical Safety BC's privacy policy and content submission guidelines.

The below contains feedback received by: August 12, 2019, 11:59pm
Total number of written responses: 118

Date Respondent Fee comments
May 22, 2019 Canfor Pulp I am concerned the Practical exam cost does not reflect third party testing. If a third party administers the test, TSBC fee for admin of the Practical exam should be a lower amount, since no Safety Officer time was required witnessing the test.
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder / boiler contractor This is a money grab. I'm already tested on every job I go to. I have already proved I can pass pressure tests. Now I have to have an additional license? The retesting every three years makes sense if you're not using that process for more than 12 months at a time, otherwise it's just a way to get more money. Why do welders carry such burdens to prove their competency and other trades do not. 
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder The fees are a complete scam and just another way to waste my time and those around me. Currently once I'm certified my employer job tests me and I am good to go. This new structure is going to do nothing to change anything other than force someone like me to drive hours (up to 15 hours) to a testing facility to recertify.   I am job tested every time i go. Will this mean job testing is no longer required? Absolutely not. Will all my welds still be X-Rayed? Absolutely. Will this mean I no longer need a CWB welding ticket (currently good for two years at a cost of $500). If this change goes through all its going to do is discourage people from this trade.   Get your [...] heads out of your [selves]. Whatever Albertan office guy you've hired to think of this braindead scam should be immediately fired. 
May 22, 2019 Momentum site services Absolutely crazy the price for a welding ticket. A tradesman has to qualify every 3 years on each process and each wall thickness. The cost and nuisance of trying to schedule a test date, line up a tester, take time off work, and potential loss of a job is unreal. Maybe standardized the pressure welding tickets across the country that would be a better step than wasting millions of dollars starting a whole new program.
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder This is nothing more than a money grab. Leave the system alone. There's enough cost associated with welding, without ridiculous certification expenses. 3 year renewal is as bad as the CWB program. Get your cash somewhere else.
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Rig welders already have way too many expenses of which aren't getting any cheaper, have to test and qualify more than any other trade. All this is going to do is place added stress, drive apprentices away from their profession, and ultimately make it harder for the average welder to make a living. There should not be any fees associated.
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder I am from Saskatchewan, I do work out in BC as a pressure welder the way our system works in to renew my pressure ticket it costs me $240 even at that it's unreasonable.  It anything above and beyond that is outrageous.
May 22, 2019 Black Sun Welding Ltd. I am already an A level certified pressure welder, why do i need to do this?
May 22, 2019 Alchemy Welding & Fabrication I feel everything is fair, I've been a pressure welder for 8 years and am self employed. I think $100 every 3 years is more than fair and testing like this should be done to keep only qualified people doing this type of work. 
May 22, 2019 Northern Lights College I think when looking at fees people are unable to understand the behind the veil cost consideration Which is why I can't judge- as I don't like it when I am in the same position. One consideration is the additional cost of the testing site.
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder What is the purpose of this. I have been through the trade program and have paid my dues. Now you proposed that I have to pay more fees on top of it for what reason? Seems to be a cash grab. What do we as welders get for these fees. How does it help the industry?
May 22, 2019 Taurus Welding If welders that have their pressure tickets are able to transfer into this new program without cost to them for initial and licenses, then I support this. However, if it becomes a larger expense to transfer what we already have, than no that is not going to be fair for any currently valid pressure welder. 
May 22, 2019 BRYNIK WELDING LTD. I have had a Log book since 1990 and I have also had the BCP-100 in 2017. My main address is in Alberta and I also have recreational property In BC where I live in the summer.Since I do most of my work in Alberta my BCP-100 has expired and now I have to recertify again if I want to work in BC. 
May 22, 2019 Anonymous It's not about the money
May 22, 2019 Quesnel River Pulp It is expensive to do weld test procedures and I feel that the price is fair. My question is. Retesting for the qualification the same or more. I think more would be appropriate 
May 22, 2019 Silver Creek Welding and Fabrication Inc Leave the old system in place
May 22, 2019 CIMS Tax grab
May 22, 2019 Rio's mobile welding ltd This is absolutely outrageous, you're creating a mandatory pressure test every three years for what? To steal from us more? Welders have enough testing to worry about, adding another test doesn't help anyone. Contractors test their welders prejob and throughout the duration of projects with Visual Testing, Ultrasound, phased arrayed, xray and whatever non destructive testing. Why is this Class A any different then the bcp100 or pwp7,10 and so on? Just another pointless test to disrupt work? And take more money from the working class? 
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder What a money grab joke!!  If we're tested in Alberta we're good in all of Canada you bozzos!
May 22, 2019 2096098 Alberta Ltd I'm finding that fees continue to increase, testing facilities increase their prices but the wages that go along with our field of service do not increase, the tools, equipment and costs of vehicles and insurance continues to escalate and we do not see any progress for our efforts. Codes and standards get stricter and stricter thus the quality of workmanship decreases and you along with other groups in other provinces feel a need to try to increase your bottom line and the worker still struggles to maintain.  There needs to be a standard across the country with no borders or jurisdiction deciding how much they should charge for someone to make a living. The red seal program is a joke and this proposal is not any different. No I feel they should be lower period. 
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder I don't understand why it is changing, welders already get tested more than any other trade period, most trades you can perform and get paid as a journeyman with zero schooling or tickets it's unfair for all of us that complete all our schooling and write our red seal test then still have to re test cwb every two years and now you want us to re test for pressure every 3 years if we lose our touch we won't pass job tests and won't be able to find work anyways we don't need you testing us for no reason ever few years and taking our money it is completely unfair 
May 22, 2019 Pressure welder, via email [Terrible] money grab!
May 22, 2019 Pressure welder, via email Not interested in paying out anymore money. In the past I would have to do a weld test and proof of a Red Seal. Then 2 qualifiers. The money for pipe welders in BC is not that good anymore.  No double time. Companies want the welder to pay for tickets now and they are not cheap.  I used to travel for work to make extra money but that is gone. I’m sure you will find some desperate (Suckers)welders to pay the fee. 
May 22, 2019 Recognized testing agency / boiler contractor, via email

As a Registered welder tester, here is how I feel that the fees will affect our business.  280$ per test to the Technical safety BC.  Plus the RTA Testing Fee, which we charge 300$, + 165$ for Material and cutting preparation, so as to make the entire test assembly , welding consumables ready for the test date. this is our over head.

Is there a Subsidy available to offset this cost from the Government? there should be.... the entire fee structure at our facility would work out to 280 +300 + 165 $ = 745$  Plus Taxes for a New pressure welder to get Certified.  I will ask around, but this May seem a Bit High compared to other Jurisdictions. However, a Subsidy would make the certification more accessible for applicants, who are, in fact , Job Seekers. It should not cost an arm and a leg for a new welder to start going to work. A subsidy would be fantastic use of training funds.
May 22, 2019 Pressure welder, via email Why does the bc government need to change a perfectly good system.  
How much is this going to cost us and the taxpayers.  I feel a cash grab here.
May 23, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder I don't agree with having to pay a renewal fee. I agree with paying a reasonable amount fee for examination and registration. I think having to renew a Pressure ticket is very unreasonable. If a welder lets his tickets lapse then a reexamination fee paid at the examination facility might be reasonable. But to force welders to renew and pay for it is very unreasonable. 
May 23, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder I see nothing wrong with the current structure. This just appears to be a way to get more money out of an already dying industry. With less and less people entering the welding trade this just helps to dissuade potential pressure welders. Especially contract pressure welders who are already putting a lot of money out just to go to work. 
May 23, 2019 Northern Lights College The fact that there was never any renewal fees before in B.C and now there is new 3 year renewal fee , this is like the Alberta system.
May 23, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Tradesman should not be taking the brunt of these costs. Technical Safety is a profit run business and I feel strongly that this is a money grab to drum up more profits. I feel strongly against this new purposed program!!
May 24, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder just a money grab, get your money from government, not poor workers! no need to test every 3 years when your employer is signing your book and you pressure weld everyday!!
May 24, 2019 Boilermaker 359 I personally think the fee should be waived, we should not have to go back to school to prove that we are qualified welders. I have to already prove to the company with a weld test on site we are qualified welders with an x ray or a bend test. I already finished school,  why should I ever have to go back to prove to you that I am qualified with out being paid for my time? We should be paid a minimum of 4 hrs at union rate as well as 2 days per diem to take that test,  set up a time that the boiler inspector is in town, miss work, and pay out of my own pocket for a test I'm already qualified for. Also if I blow this weld test, I'm banned from working with the diploma I worked so hard to receive?
May 24, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder / boiler contractor The system works, and changing it would only mean more costs downloaded to the tradesman and the employer. If you want to take my money, give me something I actually need, like free power engineering tests
May 24, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder As someone who has been a pressure welder for the past 15yrs and only worked in BC this is unreasonable. Seems like a cash grab that will make more money from testing and steer towards a CWB style system that makes money for companies on the backs of the workers
May 25, 2019 Bpenetrated welding Why is out of province fees less than provincial welders fees? 
May 26, 2019 Anonymous class A welder I did all my training,  earned accreditation as an A level welder and now i have to prove and spend $ to get reaccredited.  Terrible cash grab by technical safety
May 26, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder This new program feels to me like nothing more than a poorly disguised cash grab. Fees and reapplication every three years to continue the trade that I have been working in for fifteen years without the need to reapply and pay money. I understand the need to align with other provinces for a more nationally unified welder program, but to charge and retest me every three years is unacceptable to me. Just about every pressure welder will tell you that they are tested before commencing work on pretty much every job we embark on. Now you want to add more testing and fees as well. This is unacceptable.
May 26, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder / boiler contractor / association or union I believe the whole program is flawed, in the fact a welder will still have to do testing afterwards for individual PWP certification to go along with ASME protocols. This is clearly an attempt to get more money for no extra benefits. Also renewal fees should be drastically lower considering they are only renewing after the changes you have made to the program.
May 27, 2019 Class A Welder / Steam fitter / 4th class steam I find it reasonable to test new welders that have not been accredited with any levels from BCIT. I believe in a one time fee to be registered with the new work safe BC program. I do not believe that someone who has been out of the industry has to be tested as any company employing you would have to do a test procedure. If someone is out of the industry they should not have to test or have to continually pay any kind of registration until or if they return to the industry. You never know when the economy will take a dive and you have to go back to your trade.
May 27, 2019 Welding foreman Banister Pipelines As a welding Foreman for a major pipeline Contractor of Canada I feel all fees and testing are unreasonable as every welder that works for me on every pipeline across Canada has to do a performance qualification test for every project prior to beginning work therefore once a welder has had there initial pressure tickets from various schooling facilities there is no need for retesting every three years as the owner contractor has to requalify every pressure welder for every project with stringent testing in place , therefore I see no need for this extra testing other than to donate funds to the boiler branch. 
May 29, 2019 3rd gen welding Everything that has been suggested is unreasonable 
May 29, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Reasonable
Jun 3, 2019 Anonymous The fees should be waived until the welder uses the procedure tested for. The cost of testing should be the contractors responsibility and falls into engineering fees category. Welders have enough overhead to cover plus we pay more for the modules to become A class. Taking into consideration that the work we do is dangerous and only a small percentage of people can weld at this level. The weld supervisor should be part of the engineering cost of the project as they are not a trade. The structure is poor and the technical safety should be looking at taking money from major construction companies multi million dollar project budget instead of the workers. You want safe qualified procedures then invest in the tradesman. 
Jun 7, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder

Making working welders go to testing facility and pay to use that facility, if working, lose wages for a day to a week, and then pay fees to retain their job, amounts to the new program being a job broker. After a person hustles to find their own job, now they have to pay every three years to keep that job. Not welder program fees, also facility fees, and loss of wages like I said earlier. Potentially thousands of dollars. What if they have to travel and pay accommodation to retest for something they already know what to do. Ridiculous.

Jun 7, 2019 Central Interior Piping & Maintenance Ltd I agree with the fee structure and proposed fees.
Jun 10, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder No other trades pay the same as pressure welders to earn a living .This is a TAX,TAX to go to work why, then we  pay  for testing time easy $500-600 for a round trip.I will let my tickets go they can import the welders they want. 
Jun 12, 2019 Selkirk College I think the fees are reasonable and not too aggressive.  Cheaper than a four position CWB plate test.
Jun 14, 2019 Jeremy Dumais Welding + Fabrication The fees are very unrealistic to the working man and businesses to keep running especially a large crew. We as welders should not have to pay a ridiculously high fees to build BC boilers. I've been a Boilermaker welder for 20 years and the fees just keep getting more!! Thumbs down to you!!
Jun, 17, 2019 Pressure Welder/ Educator  Welders are in a category of their own compared to other trades. If a welder is highly skilled they generally hold multiple tickets/ procedure qualifications. This gets costly having to pay multiple fees to keep them valid. If B.C. desires to maintain a highly skilled workforce, keep the cost of maintaining multiple qualifications in consideration.  Solution. Charge a lump fee for renewing multiple qualifications. Give a discount for multiple renewals. 
Jun, 17, 2019 Pressure Welder As a pressure welder for over 35 years  I always found some of the fees for testing and renewing  totally unfair. Keep in mind that most of the pressure tickets have to be renew about every two years and very few companies are willing to help the welder with these cost.Their argument is that welders make good money but so are other trades. Keep in mind that the welder not only have to renew his tickets but also do in most cases a welding test which also cost money.Totally unfair to be a welder.I can not wait to retire and not do welding ever again.I have being around for many years and many times in a in charge position and I found many of these provincial pressure inspectors to be totally ignorant and arrogant with  not a clue about what a welding pass should look like.A shameful state to have to be under the watchful eye of these glorified pencil pushers. In any case yes the cost are high ,that was the question Thanks.
Jun, 18, 2019

Pressure Welder, Spurfect Welding Ltd

As a pressure welder we are always being tested and are always having to jump through loops and having to pay outragous prices for tickets that have to renewed every two years! When i did my initial B-pressure that was my license to perform my skills and show my training i shouldnt have to pay for a license! I feel this is just a money grab considering when i first got my Pressure ticket it was 150.00 dollars now its 350.00 dollars?????
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder This is a giant cash grab 
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder I think you should stop with th e money grab. That is all it is this will do nothing to change the quality of welders out there from what we have now. Our wages are being dropped to wages I have never seen, and you want to start added even more costs to our already costly trade. It is absolutely ridiculous. Someone sitting in an office thinking how can we extort more money from people.  Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder/ Owner/ Manager This is just a complete money grab, get rich quick off of everyone else's back for an industry that's already struggling with what Trudeau has done to this country.
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder Just another money grab on welders, every two yrs we already have to pay to renew each ticket/procedure. The government needs to find another avenue(an honest one) rather than keep taxing us to breaking point.... NO MORE ADDED FEES!
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder Contract pressure welders already pay an exorbitant amount to keep qualifier  tickets and procedures up to date. The pay structure should be 50% less for contract pressure welders.
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder Don't have fees. 
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welders Welders already have to pay to renew every two years all these extra costs you are adding are complete BS and just a cash grab, shameful when people just want to make a living 
Jun, 19, 2019 Pressure Welder You know its a straight u money grab, this new proposed fee structure is worse than Alberta's 
Jun, 24, 2019 Pressure Welder I paid enough fees, going through all the schooling to reach A level. Contractors or Employers should pay all related fees to get qualified welders. 
Jun 26, 2019 WorleyParsonsCord The scope of a pressure welders work is much smaller than an organizations scope and responsibility so I think they should have to pay less for certification and renewal. 
Jun 27, 2019 BCIT Is there also a fee to enter the test in a log book 
Jun 27, 2019 Cobalt Group  They seem reasonable, Alberta is roughly the same price for a 2 year license. 
Jul 5, 2019 Camosun College  they are fine. good welders can cover that in less than a days work. 
Jul 5, 2019 ASME Shop Our ASME shop welders have had their BC Ministry of Labour "A" and "B" registration seals for many years. ASME shops already perform their welder performance qualification testing to qualify welders to procedures that they actually use in production and BCSA A.I. can witness the testing at his discretion. Weld procedures have all been registered in BC. Fabrication is in accordance to ASME Code and all welding is conducted in accordance to ASME Section IX. This "pressure welder program" would be over and above our ASME requirements and we feel its just another way to charge extra fees to the already substantial increases in BCSA services over the past few years. Its getting to the point of paying fees on top of fees, the burden of costs to us is becoming overwhelming.
Jul 7, 2019 Dickys welding I believe you should only have to pay for the weld test portion of a renewal.
Jul 22, 2019 Anonymous ASME or CSA shop The fees for contractors or shop facilities could be rated on a scale that accounts for the # of pressure welder on the payroll.
Aug 2, 2019 Husky Energy I think the fee structure and pricing is on mark with what the industry is capable of paying and is very reasonable
Aug 8, 2019 Fluor Constructors Canada Ltd. When the new regulation comes into affect, and the recognized testing authority is signing the Welder Log books. What happens to the fee that currently goes with from FRM-0802 when sending the log book to the Boiler safety Officer? will said fee be waived?
Aug 8, 2019 Pressure welder As of right now I don't pay any fees, the contractors I work for pay for any welding tickets they want me to have.  I am not sure if these new fees will be paid by me, or by the companies I work for.  If I have to pay them that is just one more burden that has been added to my list.  I already have to jump through hoops to keep my tickets up to date, and pass job tests.  Now I will have to do and pay for qualification tests every 3 years just so I can go to a job and do a job test there as well?
Aug 8, 2019 Pressure welder / boiler contractor

This is absolutely ridiculous I've paid enough of my hard earned salary in schooling and a pressure tickets as it, My family doesn't need more financial strain.

Aug 9, 2019 Pressure welder, by email Ya extra work, extra money being paid out, we already test before each job. It's a nice big money grab for someone
Aug 9, 2019 Pressure welder This change to resemble the Alberta system is nothing but a cash grab. If a pressure welder is employed and regularly performing pressure welds,  there should be no need to re-qualify every few years. It puts undue pressure on the welder financially and emotionally. Plus, It is a lot of unnecessary work. 
Aug 9, 2019 Midwest Do not change anything from the past years. Anytime you people make changes it only hurts the working person greatly. I require you to talk to welders and do what they ask. Thank you.
Aug 10, 2019 High Country Welding I've been in the trade for 34 years and to be considered to be at the top of my field. As a pipeline welder we don't have a job unless we pass a test.  I've lost count... We're under the microscope as we're welding now. In my industry an incident has never been caused by a weld.  The new proposal is all a money grab and not about skill! If not, you'd make Alberta welders take a practical exam than just take $100 to weld in B.C.
Aug 12, 2019 Alstom This is another insane complete money grab. I've seen this association change its name 3 times now, what's going on and who is running this gong show. The Nanaimo office which is the closest has terrible working hours. They lock there doors at 12:30. When I dropped off my log book to get updated it took 3 days last time to get filled out?


Date Respondent Program comments
May 22, 2019 BCIT The IT class is not really a good idea. loss of quality control
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder / boiler contractor Why these changes? How are these fees and licenses necessary now? All welders who weld pressure are job tested, even with PWP certifications. Will these new fees insure that our tickets are finally transferable out of province?
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Either make the fees free or find an incredible amount of people leaving this trade. Between this ridiculous braindead program, welders already are out 500 dollars per CWB certification, travel to an approved testing facility and then are tested at their work anyways.
May 22, 2019 Momentum site services Why change the renewal to every three years. It's such a nightmare having to renew. A pressure welder is tested daily with non destructive testing. Renewing every three years is just a waste of time and money 
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder The IT(in training) is a good idea along with not having the delay of the boilermaker signature. The fees and renewals are a horrible idea.
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Why keep changing what has been working for so long? Especially when things have changed almost 3 times in the last 5 or so years... 
May 22, 2019 Black Sun Welding Ltd. What is the purpose of this? 
May 22, 2019 Alchemy Welding & Fabrication We used to have the best program for getting good pipe welders in this province. The new apprenticeship model is terrible and I already see a huge shortage of pipe welders out there. Good for me...bad for industry. 
May 22, 2019 Northern Lights College As a weld test provider- I have not been able to find recently anyone to test, and our new trades building ( NLC) was not ready for testing. But I am not sure how this will all fit together. I want to be sure we provide our community with the opportunities and resources they need. Yet, I can't do this for free being publicly funded. I am assuming hosting means for free? I really want to understand this process better and how we fit into it. 
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Don't understand the need
May 22, 2019 Taurus Welding If this new license requires renewal every X amount of years, then I don't feel it is necessary to have certified signatures in the logbooks every 6 months to ensure the ticket is valid. 
May 22, 2019 Anonymous This seems like an unjust attack on current tradesmen that already are having to consistently field test if chosen to do so. The only good part would weeding out those who can't perform their tasks anymore for various reasons
May 22, 2019 CIMS What is wrong with what we got
May 22, 2019 Rio's mobile welding ltd Why fix something that isn't broken?
May 22, 2019 UA local 170 The part where it says an existing pressure welder has to hold a GTAW procedure using ER70-S and E7018 filler metals. Most welders have PWP10 which is GTAW with 309L stainless filler metal and backing gas, that should qualify the welder for the new A class. ER70s-6 root and E7018 fill/cap is redundant because the welder already has PWP 7 (6010 root/hot & E7018 fill/cap)   In summary a practicing pressure welder holding PWP 7,9,9A,10 etc. Should be grandfathered in to the new system without paying fees because they are already qualified in SMAW & GTAW procedures. 
May 22, 2019 2096098 Alberta Ltd Standardized system across the country, there is no need for one province to have a separate system when everyone works to an ASME code to begin with.  The work done in B.C. is no different than Alberta or Saskatchewan or Manitoba etc. It's the same so individual recognition is pointless and merely a cash cow.
May 22, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder I don't understand why we would have to re test every 3 years as long as we stay active and pass job tests and procedures there is no reason to take a day off lose money and then spend more money to test we get tested by x Ray and q-c everyday we don't need to spend our hard earned money to be re tested on top of that 
May 22, 2019 Pressure welder, via email

Will this A class pressure welder status be the same as an A level welder and if not what are the differences?

I read the requirements to transition into an A class pressure welder will a B level welder with a red seal and active with PWP07 and PWP10 and with experience with both be eligible?

May 22, 2019 Pressure welder, via email I have my red seal already why are you contacting me 
May 22, 2019 Boiler contractor, via email Can you explain how this will impact brazing certification?
May 22, 2019 Pressure welder, via email When is enough going to be enough
May 22, 2019 Recognized testing agency / boiler contractor, via email

This change in the program  structure will definitely affect our business, and from what I can see , Mostly for the Good.

 Is this to say that there will be a NEW LOG BOOK being issued? Is there going to be a new card issued? what will the new Physical certificate of qualification look like? is it wallet sized?

[Class A] is actually a good thing, it ensures that welders maintain their ability to perform welds to a high level of skill. As COR or RTA 's I understand we will be administering these ""Check Tests""   and registering them into the welder Log books. Please confirm , as this is my interpretation.

From what I have read and understood. R Class welders will still need to perform a Test assembly weld. I'm interested to understand the process for this type of application. Will this be overseen by a Boiler Safety Officer from Technical Safety BC?  or are the RTA's going to administer this test also?  Will the Class R welders be receiving a log book from the ITA?

From what I have read and understood. IT Class welders will still need to perform a Test assembly weld. I'm interested to understand the process for this type of application. Will this be overseen by a Boiler Safety Officer from Technical Safety BC or the RTA's?  

I have read, and Understood the requirements, and printed copies to give to our customers that are looking for information. The information is well written, except that we cannot seem to find the ""Application Form"" itself to start the process?  where is this available.  I assume this will be its own form apart from the 0802 form already in use.  please advise
[Boiler contractor licensing] seems oddly described to me in the reading information provided, as it is worded that these contractors will now be able to register a WPS for their own use/ company.
I understand that in the past ""Anyone"" can register a WPS, regardless of having a contractor license. 

I would ABSOLUTELY want an in person meeting, and feel strongly that ""Formal Training"" is going to be integral to making this new program a success. There is only so much that can be done through ""Informal Training"" or meetings.

May 22, 2019 Boiler contractor, via email What is required for the Class A qualification?
Is the practical test done in our shop?
What is required for our existing pressure welders to transition for a Class A pressure welder certificate of qualification?
May 22, 2019 Pressure welder, via email

My only concern here is that I am still not totally clear why the initial modular style of C,B,and A welder was altered in the first place. It does make sense that perhaps a few tweaks should take place over the course of time to keep up with (or lead) industry standards, but I do find the logbook process a bit confusing; am I required to submit my welders' logbook now at this time?

And it does seem quite fair to offer the transitioning by December 02, 2020, however, what are the consequences if I do nothing?

May 22, 2019 Boiler contractor, via email [We] currently hold a license as a Boiler and Pressure Vessel Contractor Class A, are we now required to have a new contractor license with the class PW indicated on the license?
May 23, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder I have already completed and paid to do all my testing even went and paid for all my tests in Alberta now You want us to pay do another test and then every 3 years do it again. When does the money grab end
May 23, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Having to recertify every three years is ridiculous. Continuity in the log book has always been just fine. I must reiterate that I feel that this is just another way to take money out of the pockets of hard working young men and women.
May 23, 2019 Northern Lights College Would like to set up a meeting with your guys and have welders attend the meeting in person
May 23, 2019 Anonymous boiler contractor I don't think it is right that out of province (or country) welders can qualify under a limited ticket. You should either have a full ticket and be fully certified (or in training), or not certified at all. 
May 23, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder I feel that this "Class A" program is to close to to what's called a "A level Welder" Which is recognized in the province of BC as a journeyman trade  There is no need for this added confusion and I wish to speak to whom ever is in charge of this money grabbing program.
May 23, 2019 Pressure welder, via email Can someone please elaborate on how these new rules will affect rig welders working as sub contractors/pressure welders?
May 24, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder hate it!!
May 24, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder This new program is a downgrade to the current system
May 24, 2019 Boilermaker 359 Yes, there are many. First of all, I spent all of my money and time becoming an A level welder. Took time off work, had to pay tuition, pay for books, read the books , study the books, pass a ton of paper tests as well as pass many practical exams on exotic metals. I had to re learn trigonometry,  projecting lines, reading drawings,  learn to fit square to round cones. After I passed all these I had to write a final exam. Honestly I'd say this course cast me upwards of 30 thousand dollars, with missed time, accommodation,  food, babysitting,  tuition, book fees, parking passes, car insurance, and just basic living fees. I also had to study and pass all the tests, which some of them were mentally draining as this is like taking your masters in this trade.  Now the TSBC wants to give that diploma I worked so hard for , to anyone who passes the practical weld test? If that's the case , I should be entitled to my money back for the coarse as it was basically pointless to upgrade to an A level welder. I could have just been a B level and then took this practical and got what I spent $30,000 to get.
May 25, 2019 IQS Independent Quality Services Inc Can a licensed contractor utilize the BCP-100 WPS for production welding if the WPS is included in their approved QC Program?  Will the "PWP" procedures still be included with the new Welder Program for production welding, (eg. if the log book includes a PWP endorsement from Contractor A, does the welder have to re-test to perform welding for Contractor B?).
May 25, 2019 Bpenetrated welding Ya as a welder that has been welding to asme b 31.3 with are logbooks updated we should be able to transition into the program and not have to test. No one has had to do a test in front of a boiler inspecter if we have welded to are procedure within 6 months. So pretty much the whole industry. And having a December 2019 transitioning date is way too soon. Your expecting how many 1000s of welders to book tests within a 6 month period. There is not enough testing centers to do that all in that short amount of time.  
May 26, 2019 Anonymous class A welder Grandfather current A level welders into class A and issue a requalification requirement when they need it.
May 26, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Anything other than initial application and testing fees are unacceptable. To retest for you guys every three years is bogus. I weld test on the job just about every job I work on. It is basically a condition of work. To pay upwards of $600 (likely close to $1000 after your private 'testing facilities' ensure they are making profit) just to maintain my pressure certification every three years after having my pressure welding number (without the need to be retested by your so called 'testing centers') since I believe 2004.  I also have concerns with regard to how well dispersed around the province these facilities will be. Only in major centres is totally unacceptable. Will they be ready across the province for the unrolling of this new program?  
May 26, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder The system before worked perfectly fine.
May 28, 2019 Anonymous Given the nature of ASME code required testing, pressure welder testing is far out of line with other trades when it comes to fees and continual testing and renewal.
May 28, 2019 Pulp & Paper Oil & Gas Power Hydro Work as a pressure welder for over 40 years, lots of test and thousands of X-rays has of up to even today! I'm in Local170  Pipefitters for 30 years. And this is a waste of my time!!   I hope to retire in 5 years and not have to deal with this!!
May 29, 2019 3rd gen welding All parts of the new pressure welder program are unreasonable 
May 29, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder These changes are positive and are long overdue in BC. 
May 30, 2019 D. Fair Enterprises Ltd. There are elements of this program that are good, but there should not be a requirement for pressure welders to retest every three years. The government qualification test should be a one-time test only, as long as the welder is actively working with pressure piping on a continuous basis within a 12 month time frame, in which case, his or her log book will be updated by the employer. To require routine retesting is burdensome, costly, and unnecessary. Welders already go through more layers of competency testing than any other trade. We are tested on company registered weld procedures in the industry, we are tested pre-job, and our welds are all subjected to NDT on the job. To impose this requirement on active pressure welders to retest every three years will have very negative consequences. This will be a disincentive to attract new people to the trade, and will lead to a skill shortage in the industry. Any pressure welder can fail a certification test at any given time for any given reason, even though he or she may be highly skilled. In that situation, the welder will not be able to work and provide for their family - all because of failing a test that should not be necessary in the first place. This initiative is looking similar to what they have in Alberta. B.C. should not be conforming to that system. That is a step backward. We need to remove barriers to inter-provincial mobility, but we need to negotiate with the Alberta authorities to adopt the system that we currently have in B.C. Will this new system negate the requirement to get the Alberta "B" ticket to be able to work in Alberta? If it doesn't, then it's a failure on that count. I am a 40-year veteran pressure welder that has succeeded in my trade not because I can pass a government certification test every three years, but because I am tested every day in the field.
Jun 3, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Some CoR holders might not know how to fill out a log book properly (like many people).  Training should be required for the RTAs.  If they are a Welding Examiner from AB, they might not know how to handle a BC log book
Jun 3, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder  Unfortunately  there is no tribunal for trades. Do we have a say just pay the fees or you dont qualify. 10 yeas experience it becomes a useless test when you have to qualify onsite for no fees  make the engineering cost pay for qualifications that pretain to the job. Welders have enough overhead and fees.
Jun 5, 2019 ASME/CSA shop, by email

This program as proposed will put a significant burden on us. This is because we will have to spend time, money and effort qualifying our internal welders to pass a basically virtually useless (to us) qualification test. There are several reasons: 
i)    The proposed test (6” sch80, 2G/5G, GTAW & SMAW using ER70S & E7018) has next to no bearing on the products we actually make (designed for pressure piping, really) and the weld procedures we actually follow 
ii)    The proposed test is something our welders are rarely if ever required to perform. This means they will need time to practice – days, if not a week or two. Multiply that by 6-8 ASME welders, and that’s a lot of time and money spent on getting proficient at something that’s of no use to us.
iii)    We already perform internal welder qualification tests (WPQs) using PQRs that are relevant for us and still meet all the requirements of Sec IX of the ASME BPV Code. There is, we believe, no increase in end user or general public safety as a result of these additional requirements, with the arguable exception of the three year retest period.

This will only add costs to our business and make it more expensive for us to build pressure vessels, thereby decreasing our competitiveness and dampening our future prospects. We manufacture and ship pressure vessels virtually around the world, to various jurisdictions. The point of the ASME code, and Section IX in particular, is to set standards for the construction of these vessels. If we’re now incurring additional costs that a shop in another state or country is not incurring, then that will only serve to make us less competitive in comparison to those areas, and limit our ability to sell into those markets. You can imagine how concerning this is to us. We are not the same as a boiler contractor or independent piping pressure welder working in the field who may do the bulk of their work in BC, and we don’t believe it is appropriate to include us and other ASME shops within the scope of this new program.

If we were able to have our welders tested on one of our PQRs that is a) actually relevant to us, and b) something that is useful to test proficiency on, as it most closely represents what the welder is proficient at, then that might actually be useful. I would have no problem with requiring our welders to repeat their PQRs every three years. But to ask them to take time and spend money practicing in order to pass a test that’s not even useful to them is a big waste of time and money, in our opinion.  

One last comment. I have to point out that the session yesterday didn’t really resemble a true ‘consultation’ session – instead, it is clear to us that these new regulations are coming as explained, and the session was more to educate us (the more cynical amongst us would use the phrase ‘sell job’) on what’s coming. That’s not informed, meaningful consultation, so respectfully consider changing the title of your future sessions. 

Jun 7, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder I feel that a pressure welder pays the college or university the fees to receive pressure welding training and qualifications, therefore the student/ apprentice, has already paid for a service, yet does not receive any credentials for said service. Like buying a new Cadillac and not getting any warranty unless you pay a registration fee!!! Most young people taking welding are going to be blue collar tradesmen. Not Bachelor of Arts or Engineering professional. They do not have the same education. As a boilermaker welder myself, A level, red seal, and many smaw and gtaw company procedures, I am also required to have fall arrest, quantitive fit testing, confined space training, hearing test, and in many cases, D&A testing just to get onto a 2 week shut down job at a pulp mill, or similar, just to do a welding job test. Not to mention we now have to keep a vehicle log book and receipts to keep CRA off our backs!!! We are not business!! We are only trying to feed our families!! If a welder can show he is still working in the industry to the satisfaction of his employer, why does he have to retest every three years? I went to school to learn welding so as to be an asset to my employer. My employers over the years have always looked at my log book and qualified me or re-qualified me based on my work history. My point is after doing a trade for a given number of years, you don't forget how to do it over three years, especially if you are working said trade. In my case, 30 years now.  I don't think three years from now I forget how to weld, especially if I'm still working in the trade. It's silly. 
Jun 7, 2019

Central Interior Piping & Maintenance Ltd 

This is a step in the right direction. Apprentice welders will be more employable.
Jun 10, 2019 Anonymous pressure welder Do Not change what we have it works well the cost for testing are too high now .
Jun 11, 2019 Anonymous government or governmental agency 1) Scope of PW licence not clear 2) How to certify a welder who doesn't hold ITA logbook, but currently worked in ASME shop, as pressure welder? Class A or R? 3) R welder: How to treat them after 6-months, expired but not eligible for renewal?
Jun 12, 2019 Selkirk College Recognized Testing Agencies will require some training about how to fill out the Welder's Log Book. Recognized Testing Agencies personnel should be compensated for this additional duty previous done by the boiler branch. The BCP-100 does NOT contain GTAW root welding therefore is not the same as the Class A.  These are two different processes and this needs some further review in my opinion. Again, it will be difficult for welding instructors to uphold the criteria to remain "active" in the processes when they work full-time at their institution and cannot perform welding under a supervisor within section IX. 
Jun 14, 2019 Jeremy Dumais Welding + Fabrication Lower the fees and make the trade affordable 
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welding Apprentice Unreasonable
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder Were the only trade that has to renew all of our qualifications on the regular give us a break for once  especially in our terrible economy right now 
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder, Fortis BC Keep it the way it is why change the whole structure
Jun, 18, 2019 Pressure Welder, Patch Welding Ltd Should be the same as Alberta. Every couple years a welder should have to retest for the welding process they want to be qualified for.  Only journeyman welders that have been tested should be welding on pressure equipment. No apprentice should weld on pressure equipment. 
Jun 18, 2019 Pressure Welder, AM Fabrication Ltd t more red tape and hoops for us to jump through! Stop overcomplicating things 
Jun, 20, 2019 Pressure Welder I think the system in place is fine as is.. this is only the ITA and schools being greedy and using a recert as an excuse for a money grab.. some pencil pusher in BC has brought the renewal of a alberta bpressure ( every 2 years) to the table here in bc.. to not cause an uproar they have allowed a 3 year recert.. why wreck what we have so you guys can just rack in your bonuses.. what a joke.. being a red seal level a pressure welder for 14 years.. I guess this was enevatable.. person who came up with this system probaly never welded a 6G.. a harder test is a 6g over the alberta 5/2g and now we are changing it to theres..  once again money grab written all over it. So now I would have to pay for a cwb recert every 2 years all position smaw and a alb b every 2 years and now a bc pressure every 3 years just to even try an attempt at a job test.. what a joke 
Jun 27, 2019 Out-of-province contractor, by email

I would like to verify the proposed changes that are proposed to pressure welder certifications through Technical Safety BC.

Any  pressure welder has a current ITA Pressure Welders Log Book for BC  will be able to apply and will be issued a Class A Pressure Welders Certificate and the Class A certificate is required to be renewed on a tri-annual bases with both an application with processing fee and practical test and testing fee.
Will all of the pressure welders valid Welder Performance Qualifications be automatically included within the new Class A certificate?   

Pressure welders would also be required to complete welder performance qualification tests for the process that they will use. Ex F3/F4, SMAW following the requirements as defined in ASME Section IX.
Is it the intent of Technical Safety BC that the process qualifications would expire on specified time interval (3 years)? Or will the welder performance qualifications only expire when the welder doesn’t maintain the required 6 month continuity for the welding process?

[We] would be concerned that it is Technical Safety BCs intent to require each individual pressure welder to complete practical welding examinations for both the Class A Pressure Welders Certificate and Welders Performance Qualifications on a tri-annual interval along with the required fee to maintain their Class A Pressure Welders Certificate. If this is the case we feel that the additional testing required by Technical Safety BC will not improve the quality of pressure welding completed in BC or increase safety for any individuals working around pressure containing devices.

Jul 2, 2019 Anonymous When feasible, coordinated and aligned certification processes add consistency. 
Jul 5, 2019 Northern Lights College  I think this is detailed well and reasonable. There is a cost associated with regulations and compliance. This all seems reasonable as in other industries that require licenses and regulations. It is important-- your set up is clearly communicated and concise from my view
Jul 5, 2019 College of the Rockies Weld testing is a necessary part of our trade. However in the fast paced world of construction, having to chase down someone for a signature will be next to impossible given a certain circumstance ie night shift, crew changes, scope of work changes or emergencies. There should be a provision for verifying continuity other than the log book. Maybe using a form that could be Emailed as a alternate.
Jul 11, 2019 Deltech all good
Jul 22, 2019 Anonymous ASME or CSA shop   

The Class IT seems to lower the standard normative at which a welder should be qualified in order to perform any pressure welding. There had been a higher level of regard for pressure welders because of the experience and ability associated with the title of pressure welder. Any pressure welder had to hold their trade qualification and skills a little higher in order to even have a chance at achieving a pressure ticket and continue to keep it by ongoing shop and field testing.

Aug 2, 2019 Husky Energy

Excellent program and well thought out with respect to ensuring cross country jurisdictional nuances are considered and that apprentice welders are being better equipped to enter the industry as a Class A welder with competency.  

Aug 8, 2019 Fluor Constructors Canada Ltd. When the new regulation comes into affect, and the recognized testing authority is signing the Welder Log books. What happens to the fee that currently goes with from FRM-0802 when sending the log book to the Boiler safety Officer? will said fee be waived?
Aug 9, 2019 Pressure welder  The new system a cash cow.
Aug 9, 2019 Midwest I don't like change so no for anything you want
Aug 9, 2019 Retired pressure welder, by email I am fully retired now but I find all this interesting as I have been a pressure welder for 50 years. Please keep me informed with your new program.
Aug 9, 2019 Out-of-province boiler contractor, by email We [...] only do Brazing in BC and no Welding there.
Do these changes apply to us as well or it’s only for folks who do “welding” and therefore does not apply to brazing-only folks?
I assume this change is for welders only as the new tests mentioned are welding tests, not brazing tests.
Please let us know.
Aug 11, 2019 Pressure welder  Access to testing facilities outside of Vancouver is very limited. I have been called to jobs in northern BC, and it has been very difficult to arrange requalification. Even though I am actively working in the pipeline industry for 10 years. Also bcp100 renewals should be available anytime at test centres, not requiring a BSO where scheduling can take weeks. This is routine in Alberta for b pressure renewals. Eg standard f3/f4 test is available anytime in Edmonton