Railway consultation

Technical Safety BC sought feedback from the railway industry on the Canadian Rail Operating Rules, the Track Safety Rules, and the Safety Management System Regulations. This consultation was open from October 9, 2018 to November 23, 2018.

Status: Closed


Canadian Rail Operating Rules

The Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) are among the largest and most complex railway rules, covering most rail operating issues related to employee responsibilities, the safe movement of trains, signaling, and braking systems, amongst others. The CROR underwent a significant review following the 2013 Lac-Mégantic incident, with the most recent rule update in 2018 pertaining to the securement of unattended equipment (Rule 112). 

Track Safety Rules

The Rules Respecting Track Safety or Track Safety Rules (TSR) outline the minimum standards and procedures for inspecting and maintaining tracks to ensure the safe operation of railways. As such, the TSR is essential to the regulatory framework for railway safety in BC.

Safety Management System Regulations

The Railway Safety Management System Regulations (SMS) are designed to ensure railway companies take responsibility for managing the safety of their operations. A new SMS Regulations was introduced by the federal government in 2015. Before applying the new SMS Regulations across the province, Technical Safety BC is developing amendments. To ensure the highest level of safety in BC, we are proposing that provincial railways incorporate all 12 SMS components within their safety management system.

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This consultation closed on November 23, 2018. Read the feedback summary.

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