Results - On-site electricity production and storage system connection fee consultation

Report date: August 28, 2018

Verbatim feedback

From July-August 2018, Technical Safety BC consulted on a proposed new electrical installation permit fee category. In this proposal, contractors would pay flat fees for installing electricity-producing and storing equipment, instead of paying fees based on the value of work and materials under the existing fee schedule. This consultation was designed to identify impacts of these changes to industry and other types of equipment that should be considered for inclusion.

In total, 49 individuals responded to the online consultation. The majority of respondents were electrical contractors (46%) and renewable energy installers (36%).

Category Count Percentage
electrical contractor 23 47%
renewable energy installer 18 37%
other (please specify)
Includes two homeowners, one electrical engineer)
3 6%
building owner or manager 3 6%
government or governmental agency 2 4%
manufacturer or distributor 2 4%

The most common renewable energy technologies respondents worked with were solar, batteries, and generators.


Support for the proposal

The majority of respondents (63%) showed support for the proposed fee categories.

Do you support the proposed fee categories (below) for connection to electricity production and storage systems? [n=49]

Most common reasons for support:

  • The proposed fees are reasonable
  • The proposed fees encourage growth in renewable energy industries
  • Having a fixed fee is positive

Most common reasons for opposition:

  • The proposed fees are still too high
  • The proposal is unclear 

Applicable equipment types and specifications

Most respondents (41%) thought that there should not be any specifications or restrictions on the equipment the fees should apply to, and most (84%) had no suggestions for other types of equipment that would fall under this fee category.

Should there be any specifications on the equipment these fees apply to? [n=49]

Response Count %
No specifications 20 41%
Size rating of equipment installed 19 39%
Amount of energy produced or stored 14 29%
Other (please specify)
System output capacity, further reduction for more efficient systems, e.g. lithium batteries, all sizes of renewable or carbon-reducing energy or backup generation, voltage and current ratings
8 16%
Type of end use 3 6%

Please briefly describe any other types of equipment […] that these fees should apply to. [n=49]

Response Count %
None/Equipment already listed 41 84%
All connected equipment should be included 3 6%
DC plant systems 1 2%
service upgrades 1 2%
services for fish farms 1 2%
grid-tied connections 1 2%
Should not apply to electric vehicle batteries 1 2%
distributed single purpose systems 1 2%
power conditioning equipment 1 2%
UPS systems 1 2%