Trampoline Parks Potential Regulation Engagement


Trampoline parks are not currently regulated as an amusement device in BC under the Safety Standards Act. The current CSA Z267 Safety Code for Amusement Rides and Devices, which is adopted under the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation, does not address trampolines as an amusement device. To improve public safety, Technical Safety BC has made a recommendation to the Government of British Columbia that trampoline parks be regulated.

Technical Safety BC is also continuing its work to review the Amusement Devices industry and regulation system more broadly, throughout the remainder of 2019. A separate engagement process is underway to support this review.

Consultation results

From April 1 to 17 (extended to April 24), 2019, Technical Safety BC undertook consultation with the public and users/owners of trampoline parks – in total more than 400 people. We heard from owners, operators, patrons, and the public. Everyone was in agreement that safety is of paramount importance.  More than 85% of respondents who completed our survey supported some kind of regulation.

For more information, see our What We Heard Report.

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