Adoption of Canadian Electrical Code, 2015 edition

Status: Completed

The consultation on the proposed BC-specific amendments to the 2015 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code for adoption into the Electrical Safety Regulation closed on Friday, May 15, 2015, 5:00pm. A final decision was made and the 2015 code is now adopted for use in BC, with some specific amendments.

Review the consultation material

Read the discussion paper for the detailed proposal.

Read the Q&A document for answers to frequently asked questions.

View the presentation and speaking notes from the April 29, 2015 consultation meeting.

The table below summarizes the proposed BC amendments to the 2015 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code. All other sections are proposed to be adopted with no amendments.

Section Proposed amendment
0 Change definition of “electrical contractor” and add definition of “National Building Code of Canada” to retain existing definitions for consistency with provincial laws
2 Do not adopt Subrule 2-104(1) (electrical equipment ratings) as standards cannot be achieved as written
10 Amend Rule 10-802 (material for system grounding conductors) to enable the continued use of aluminum in dry locations
Add “(see Appendix B)” to title of Rule 10-002
Appendix Add note for 10-002(1) (Object [of grounding and bonding]) to Appendix B to retain information from Rule 10-500 deleted from 2015 edition

The table below summaries some of the other major changes to the code.

Section Description
4 Clarifies conductor ampacity issues from 2012 edition
26 New fire safety requirements for arc fault circuit protection for residential construction
64 New fire safety requirements for photovoltaic systems
66 Temporary electrical equipment
76 No proposed change to Rule 76-016 for Assured Grounding Program

Learn about the feedback received

Read the verbatim feedback received as of May 15, 2015

Read the comments and questions received at the April 29, 2015 consultation meeting

Summary results of the consultation

Read the feedback summary report


Consultation Decision Summary - 2015 Canadian Electrical Code

Read the Information Bulletin on the adoption of the 2015 BC Electrical Code

Additional information

Read the preliminary Electrical Technology Advisory Committee minutes from the review of the CEC 2015 Working Group’s recommendations

Read CSA's Full Impact Assessments (© CSA Group 2015):
Read CSA Impact Assessment 3569: Arc fault circuit interrupters
Read CSA Impact Assessments 3644 & 3694: Polarity ID for photovoltaic DC system conductors & photovoltaic DC arc-fault circuit protection
Read CSA Impact Assessment 3650: Ampacities of feeders and service conductors for dwelling units and single dwellings
Read CSA Impact Assessment 3660: New voltage drop calculations
Read CSA Impact Assessment 3738: Alignment of Conductor Ampacity Selection with Equipment Evaluation Criteria
Read CSA Impact Assessment 3763: Receptacles for dining areas in residential occupancies
Read CSA Impact Assessment 3818: Removal of classes and addition of zones for explosive dust atmospheres
Read CSA Impact Assessment 3827: Recalculated underground ampacity tables
Read CSA Impact Assessment 3840: Revisions to load calculations
Read CSA Impact Assessments 3860 & 3876: Extra-duty covers for receptacles exposed to the weather & Receptacles exposed to the weather and in partially protected locations

Visit the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) website for a copy of Part I of the Canadian Electrical Code, 2015 edition,
Go to Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario's CEC 2015 consultation page (closed as of March 23, 2015)
Register for upcoming BCSA Tech Talks on the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code (coming soon)


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