Information Bulletin: Approved certification marks for electrical products



Reference number
B-E3 071019 3
Revision Number
Rev 8

This Information Bulletin supersedes Directive D-E3 060414 1 issued April 14, 2006.

General details

Under section 21(1) of the Electrical Safety Regulation, electrical equipment must bear evidence of either a mark or a label of a certification agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada or an approval label issued by British Columbia Safety Authority under section 10 of the Safety Standards Act. Changes to accreditation of certification bodies, or their markings may occur without notice. Visit the Standards Council of Canada website for a complete listing of accredited certification bodies ( This Bulletin provides examples of certification and approval marks and labels that are acceptable in British Columbia, and may not include all accepted marks.

Note: The Standards Council of Canada accredits two types of organizations for electrical equipment approval.

The term “Certification Agency” is defined in the Safety Standards Act, and Electrical Safety Regulation, Section 20.1. However the terms “Certification Body” (CB) and “Inspection Body” (IB) are also used throughout industry. For the purpose of the Safety Standards Act, “certification agency” includes any “certification body” or “inspection body” that is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. Details regarding the accreditation process can be found on the Standards Council of Canada website at

Additional information related to approved equipment may also be found in the following BC Safety Authority issued documents:


  • Approval of Manufactured Home, RVs and Factory-Built Structures (No. D-EL 2015-02 Rev. 01)
  • High Voltage Installations (No. IB-EL 2016-02)
  • Incident Reporting Requirements (No. D-E3 070115 1 Revision 4)

Information Bulletins

  • Electrical Information Bulletin: UL changes to certification programs (No. IB-EL 2012-06 Revision 1)
  • Minimum Requirements Retrofit of Fluorescent Fixtures (No. B-E3 100224 1 Revision 2)

Certification agencies: Specific details

Download the detailed Information Bulletin for contact information and examples of marks and labels that are acceptable evidence of approval within the province of British Columbia.

For a complete listing of all product certification and inspection bodies, please visit the Standards Council of Canada website at The information provided below may only show a few examples of accepted marks for each certification body. Please contact the certification bodies directly, for comprehensive information regarding their marks and programs.