Damage to the roller coaster track and abrasions on pilot car wheel



Reference number
II-888381-2019 (#14685)

Wooden coaster travels along a wooden track, the wooden track is topped with a steel plate upon which the coaster cars ride with steel wheels. The coaster is conveyed to the top of the track using a driven chain, and from that point on is gravity powered. Wooden track consists of a lattice work of wooden beams and planks, interconnected using steel fasteners and concrete foundations. Elevated sections of the wooden track are attached to the ground using tensioned guy lines that limit flex and sway of the elevated track sections. A water sprinkler system is used to control shrinkage of the wooden track which in turn controls the spacing between the steel rail plates, or “gauge width” of the track. The wooden roller coaster is loaded and unloaded at a pre-determined location on the track where operators bring the coaster to stop, to safely load and unload passengers.

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