Directive: Determining minimum service or feeder conductor size for single dwellings and single dwelling units of row housing or apartment and similar buildings



Reference number
D-EL 2016-06

This directive is being issued by a Provincial Safety Manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act.

Topic:  Use of Table 39 (T39)

Rule 4-004 Ampacity of wires and cables (see Appendix B)

(23) Notwithstanding Rule 4-006, 3-wire 120/240 V and 120/208 V service conductors for single dwellings and feeder conductors supplying single dwelling units of row housing of apartment and similar buildings and terminating on equipment having a conductor termination temperature of not less than 75 °C shall be permitted to be sized in accordance with Table 39.


For the purposes of Table 39, “calculated load” shall mean calculated in accordance with Rule 8-200(1) or 8-202(1).

For the purposes of Rule 8-104, when a conductor is selected from T39 as permitted in Subrule 4-004(23),  the corresponding “Service or feeder rating, A” shall be considered as the ampere rating of the service or feeder conductors.



Ulrich Janisch
Provincial Safety Manager, Electrical




Bill 19 – 2003                  Safety Standards Act
 B.C. Reg. 100/2004       Electrical Safety Regulation 
CSA 22.1-15                   BC Electrical Code

IB-EL 2016-07                Bulletin on Use of Table 39 (T39)