Directive: Elevating devices Mechanics in Training (MIT) certification renewal requirements



Reference number
D-ED 2017-01

This Directive is being issued by a provincial safety manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act.

General details 

This Directive is issued to all renewing Mechanics in Training (MIT), Class A, H, C and Licensed Elevating Devices Contractors to clarify and define the requirements of the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation (EDSR), in order to renew the MIT certificate of qualification. All persons performing regulated work under section 3.2 and 3.4 of the EDSR must comply with this directive. 

Specific details: 

The Elevating Devices Safety Regulation Part 1 Division 2.1 section 4.6 (5) states: 

 A provincial manager may renew a certificate of qualification only if the applicant provides the following:

  1. for the first renewal, proof of registration in a training program for the purpose of obtaining a certificate of qualification as a certified elevating device mechanic;
  2. for subsequent renewals, 
    1. proof of the applicant's successful progression through the training program referred to in paragraph (a), and
    2. the applicant's skills passport.  

In regards to paragraph (b)(i) of this requirement, “successful progression” shall mean:

  • The applicant provides acceptable proof that a minimum 1/6 of the full education program has been successfully completed for each renewal period. 

In regards to paragraph (b)(ii) of this requirement, sending in the passport:

  • The Passport Declaration Form that forms part of the renewal application will be accepted for the purposes of this requirement. The passport is not required to be sent in for renewal.



Nav Chahal

Acting Safety Manager, Elevating, Ropeways, and Amusements 



Safety Standards Act
Elevating Devices Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation