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This Directive is being issued by a provincial safety manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act.

General details

Technical Safety BC’s Gas Technology Program provides a program for approval of regulated gas appliances as authorized by the Safety Standards Act (SSA) and Gas Safety Regulation (GSR). Appliance designs can be submitted to the Administrator of Gas Equipment Approvals for review and registration, and subsequent field approval assessment by a gas safety officer (GSO) for conformance to the registered design and referenced codes and/or standards.

Upon successful completion of the product approval assessment, a Technical Safety BC gas appliance approval label is affixed to the appliance. The approval is site specific, and is valid only in the province of British Columbia under jurisdictional areas of the Safety Standards Act.

Specific details

In addition to Technical Safety BC’s gas product approval program, Section 32 of the GSR authorizes agencies accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to provide certification and approval services to the gas industry. Depending on the scope of accreditation granted by the SCC, an agency may function as a certification body, inspection body or both.

Accredited certification bodies apply a certification mark to an appliance if it conforms to a Canadian Recognized Standard (CRS). Certification bodies may also apply a certification mark to an appliance which conforms to the requirements of an “Other Recognized Document” (ORD) accepted by the Interprovincial Gas Advisory Council (IGAC). An ORD is an interim document developed by a certification body to temporarily provide certification services in an area where a CRS does not exist or is not fully applicable.

Certification bodies may also offer gas appliance “field evaluation” or “special inspection” services to industry. These evaluations are not an “approval” that can be issued by a CB, but rather an assessment to a recognized code. As “field evaluations” or “special inspections” do not form part of a CB’s SCC accreditation, any report issued and label applied are not acceptable as a “certification mark” in British Columbia.

Accredited inspection bodies apply an approval mark to one-of-a-kind and limited run commercial and industrial gas-fired appliances and equipment that may be designed for installation at a specific site or assembled onsite where no standard or ORD exists.

Inspection bodies typically verify in relation to the appliance only that it is in conformance with the codes noted in the SCC document “Accreditation Program Overview”. This includes the B149.1, .2 & .3. They may also include relevant portions of other codes and standards, if determined by the inspection body to be appropriate.

Technical Safety BC gas appliance field approval limitations

Technical Safety BC gas approval program is limited to assessment and approval of appliances which are not covered by a recognized standard and constructed in the field. Technical Safety BC assessment will be to requirements in the adopted version of the B149.3 code. Other codes not adopted in British Columbia may be utilized upon approval of the Provincial Gas Safety Manager (PGSM). Technical Safety BC will only offer gas appliance approval to the adopted B149.3 code for clients not engaged in manufacturing or commercial activity.

An inspection body accredited by SCC for gas-fired appliances and equipment may also be utilized to approve an appliance to the B149.3 code.

Technical Safety BC will not accept an application for:

  1. an unapproved regulated gas appliance if there is an applicable CRS or ORD for that appliance. Manufacturers and gas contractors are required to contact an accredited certification body to determine criteria and timelines for having their appliance certified. It is the responsibility of the certification body to determine that the scope of their accreditation standard and product certification can result in a statement of conformity compliant with the requirements of the CRS or ORD. 
  2.  an unapproved regulated gas appliance which is shop-built and not covered by a CRS, usually bearing a model number, typically delivered to a client ready for connection to a gas system, venting system, power, etc. This includes appliances such as: coffee roasters, incinerators, etc. Manufacturers are encouraged to contact an accredited certification body to request the development of a national standard for the applicable class of appliance. Pending the development and acceptance of a standard, a certification body can produce an ORD for review and acceptance by the IGAC. An ORD may be based on an existing American, European or Asian standard.
  3.  an unapproved regulated gas appliance from a manufacturing client engaged in commercial enterprise. All commercial clients will need to engage either an accredited certification body or inspection body for gas appliance certifications or approvals. If a commercial client chooses to have an appliance approved to the adopted B149.3 code, they must utilize the services of an accredited gas inspection body to evaluate and label the appliance as complying with the code. No further action is required by the client once the inspection body has labelled the appliance.

Note: Requests for exceptions to this policy in extraordinary cases may be considered by the PGSM. 



Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas



Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation
B149.3 Code for the field approval of fuel related components on appliances and equipment. 

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