Directive: Requirements for vented and ventless construction / temporary heaters



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D-G5 070215 3
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Revision 1

General details

This Directive clarifies British Columbia Safety Authority (BCSA) requirements for temporary heaters and the qualifications required to install or commission the different models of these types of heaters. 

Specific details

Requirements for use and distribution of temporary heaters: 

Construction heater - a portable direct-fired unvented heater intended only for temporary use in heating buildings under construction, alteration, or repair.

Companies that maintain temporary heaters including construction heaters that have an input of 300 kW or less must hold an operating permit.  Companies that lease or rent construction heaters must comply with sections 4 and 5 of the Schedule to the Gas Safety Regulation (GSR) schedule which lists additional requirements to the requirements in CSA B149.1.

Ventless portable temporary heaters with inputs of 300 kW or less bearing a current temporary heater decal do not require installation permits and installation by a qualified person as stated in section 5 of the schedule to the regulation is not required.

When the fuel supply for a construction heater is remote from the heater and connected by a gas piping system, a temporary heat installation permit must be obtained and the work performed by a qualified person as stated in section 5 of the schedule to the regulation.

Temporary heating equipment certified for use indoors with venting attached, must be connected to a venting system, vented to the outside and installed by an individual qualified in accordance with sections 6 and 7 of the Regulation.  A temporary heat installation permit in accordance with section 17 of the Safety Standards General Regulation is required for portable heaters connected to a venting system.



Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas



Gas Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation
CSA B149.1 - Natural gas and propane installation code

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