Directive: Ventilation of hydraulic machine rooms for lifts for persons with physical disabilities



Reference number
D-L4 110303 1

This Directive is being issued by a provincial safety manager pursuant to section 30 of the Safety Standards Act.

General details

This Directive is issued to all Licensed Elevating Devices Contractors to clarify the requirements regarding Hydraulic Machine Room Ventilation of Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities.

Specific details

The Elevating Devices Safety Regulations part 7 section 42 states:

“A hydraulic elevator machine room must be permanently vented, directly or indirectly, to the building exterior.”

This requirement will be enforced and ventilation must be provided where a separate machine room exists.



Janice Lee

Provincial Safety Manager, Elevating Devices




B.C. 2003 C.39           Safety Standards Act

B.C. Reg. 101/2004    Elevating Devices Safety Regulation