Fire in residential garage grow-op using extension cords and powerbars



Reference number
II-848274-2019 (#12167)

A residential garage was used for a small grow operation using ‘cord connected’ equipment with extension cords and powerbars that caught fire and destroyed the residential garage attached to dwelling site.

The system was configured to operate using ‘cord connected’ equipment with extension cords and standard powerbars. The cord connected equipment being portable manual selectable timers to operate grow lights as well as circulation fans and filter fans to create an environmentally controlled area. Portable electric heaters were used to maintain a minimum temperature when lighting was not in operation. Electrical contactors located within a steel enclosure (not located in area of main damage) were used to alternate lighting loads so that only 1 light would operate at a certain time. Owner stated he had 3 lights that alternated operation in a 24 hour cycle.

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