Information Bulletin: Assembly of Canadian certified portable natural gas and propane barbeques/appliances



Reference number
B-GA 2014-02


This Information Bulletin is intended to explain the requirements when completing the final assembly of an approved portable gas barbeque or a similar type of gas appliance.

As portable gas barbeques and other similar types of appliances are sold at the retail level partially assembled in a box or in some cases finally assembled and not “built in” or intended to be part of a permanent installation at a site, this would not be considered regulated work as defined in section 1(a) of the Safety Standards Act (SSA).

Note: Through consultation with the BC Gas Technical Advisory Committee (GTAC) this interpretation has been affirmed. 

Important Information

In order to assure the safe/correct assembly of portable gas barbeques and other similar types of appliances, the individual performing this task must take great care and follow the certified manufactures step by step assembly instructions.

Prior to operating the assembled appliance it is very important that the end user read and fully understand the certified manufactures step by step testing and operating instructions before use. Do not use the appliance if you cannot confirm that the assembled product complies with these instructions, please contact the manufacturer in this case for further instructions on how to proceed.

If for any reason an individual does not feel confident in performing this type of work please contact a Licensed Gas Contractor in your area by visiting the “Find a Contractor” tab at:



Wayne Lock
Provincial Safety Manager, Gas



Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation

FRM-1127-04 (2011-10-18)