Information Bulletin: Changes for elevating devices' operating permits: new installations



Reference number
IB-ED 2013-01

Topic: Changes to elevating devices’ operating permits for new installations

The following Information Bulletin provides information about changes to Elevating Devices issuance of Operating Permits for New Installations. The BC Safety Authority is transitioning to a new Information Technology (IT) system and one of the impacts is a change in procedure for new installations of elevating devices.

Effective date: April 15, 2013

Current procedure:

Presently, the Certificate of Inspection (COI), with a passed status, functions as the Operating Permit for the first year.

New procedure:

With the objective of standardizing installation procedures across multiple technologies and aligning with the new IT system, for any new elevating device installation, the owner must obtain an Operating Permit, within 60 days of the passed Inspection of the elevating device. An Operating Permit will also be required for elevating devices in operation under section 5.10 Elevators Used for Construction. In this situation, Owner is defined as the actual property owner, or the General Contractor, Developer or Property Manager acting in capacity of owner.

In addition, any Personnel Hoist elevators installed, during construction, will now require an Operating Permit specific to that construction site.