Information Bulletin: Class "PW" Contractor Licence




Reference number
IB-BP 2019-01

Topic: Class “PW” contractor licensing requirements

The purpose of this information bulletin is to provide details in respect to a class “PW” contractor licence that Technical Safety BC administers under the Safety Standards Act (the Act), and the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Refrigeration Safety Regulation.

A “PW” contractor’s licence holder is limited to performing subcontracted pressure welding on regulated items only under an installation, repair, and alteration permit that has been obtained by a class “A”, “Au”, “Ap”, “B”, and “REF” contractors’ licence holder.

An application for obtaining a “PW” contractor’s licence is to be supported with a quality control program based on “PW” Guideline” (BRC-7024)

Further details related to application and renewal of a contractor’s licence, including forms and fees, is available on the Technical Safety BC website at the following link

Vicky Kang,
Provincial Safety Manager, BPVR
Manager, Energy

Safety Standards Act
Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel & Refrigeration Safety Regulation