Information Bulletin: Design registration – changes to Technical Safety BC application process



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Technical Safety BC aims to improve processing times for the registration of boiler, pressure vessel, pressure fitting and pressure piping designs. To do so applicants must fulfill their responsibilities to ensure that the design complies with applicable codes and standards.

This information bulletin is issued to inform clients of changes to the application process for these registrations.

In accordance with the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation (B.C. Reg. 104/2004) Sections 82, 84 and 85, the design of pressure retaining equipment, automated control systems and boiler fuel systems must be registered with the Provincial Safety Manager.

Applicants Responsibilities:

  1. To ensure that the design complies with the relevant codes and standards.
  2. To present a complete application package.
  3. To assume responsibility for the integrity of their design(s).

To meet these responsibilities, the applicant must possess the necessary qualifications or retain the services of a qualified person to perform the work. A qualified person is one who has the knowledge and experience to assess the design from a perspective of code, standard and safe industry practice compliance.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the submitted design to be registered complies with the applicable codes and standards and that the application is complete. To fulfill this responsibility, an applicant must either possess or retain the services of a qualified person, one that has the knowledge and experience to assess their design relative to codes, standards and safe industry practices.

In rare circumstances, Technical Safety BC may support an applicant by providing guidance as to what practices or interpretations may be acceptable for registration purposes, however, responsibility for compliance and safety of the design remains with the applicant.

For the purposes of most boiler, pressure vessel, pressure piping and fitting designs, a qualified person is generally a registered professional engineer. In limited circumstances, Technical Safety BC may consider other types of qualifications. An example may be where:

  • the ASME code covers all of the details of design and construction, and
  • the person and company is known to Technical Safety BC as having experience designing and manufacturing the type of vessel,

an accredited ASME manufacturer’s representative may be considered a qualified person.

Technical Safety BC remains challenged by the many applications for registration that are incomplete, insufficient or where we are liaising with persons unfamiliar with basic technical and administrative requirements. Technical Safety BC thinks that this may be due to a lack of understanding on behalf of some applicants as to their responsibilities for compliance and safety.

To clarify the responsibilities of applicants, effective September 30, 2014, Technical Safety BC will be requesting that applications for registration of boiler, pressure vessel, pressure fittings and pressure piping designs include a declaration of compliance signed by the applicant or their representative. A design compliance declaration section has been added to the application form for design registration.

Applications that do not have a signed and completed declaration of compliance or where the applicant’s qualifications are not considered to be sufficient may take longer to review and register than what is communicated as an expected turn-around-time.

Technical Safety BC will only consider applications for expedited service where the design compliance section has been signed and completed by a qualified person.

In some circumstances, Technical Safety BC may reject applications where an applicant is unwilling or unable to sign and complete a declaration of compliance.



Jeff Coleman, P.Eng

Leader, Engineering and Research
Provincial Safety Manager



Power Engineer, Boiler Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulations Sections: 82, 84 and 85

Design Registration Application Form (FRM-1171)