Information Bulletin: Firefighters’  Emergency Operation Testing Requirements



Reference number
IB-ED 2020-04

Topic: Annual testing of Firefighters’ emergency operation

Attention: Building Owners, Property Managers, Elevator Consultants, and Licensed

Elevating Contractors

This Bulletin is provides clarity for the annual testing requirements of the firefighters’ emergency operation as amended by the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation (EDSR).

This references section 8.6 of the ASME A17.1-2016/CSA B44-16 safety code for elevators and escalators; section 8.6, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement and Testing was adopted with specific amendments as specified in the EDSR.


authorized personnel: persons who have been instructed in the operation of the equipment and designated by the owner to use the equipment.

elevator personnel: persons who have been trained in the construction, maintenance, repair, inspection, or testing of equipment.

  1. Category 1 test (annual): As amended by the EDSR, Section requires the category 1 testing of firefighters’ emergency operation to be performed by elevator personnel. The requirement found in the EDSR states:
    • Firefighters’ emergency operation.
      Firefighters’ emergency operation (phase I and II) shall be tested to determine conformance with the applicable requirements. Phase I recall shall be tested by simulating individual fire alarm initiating device inputs to the elevator control, the three-position key switch at the designated landing and, where provided, the two-position switch at the building fire control station (Part 6)
    • The amendment is intended to provide a means for the elevator maintaining contractor to verify conformance of the elevator(s) when a fire signal to the elevator controller is triggered without disrupting the building function or requiring third parties such as fire departments or fire alarm companies to be present during testing. This amendment does not limit the maintaining contractor from testing the firefighters emergency operation by other means, such as activation of individual fire alarm initiating devices (FAID), provided the test methods meet the intent of the regulation by assuring conformance to the applicable requirements.
  2. Special provisions:  As amended by the EDSR, Section requires the annual testing of firefighters’ emergency operation to be performed by authorized personnel. The requirement found in the EDSR states:
    • Firefighters’ emergency operation.
    • All elevators provided with firefighters’ emergency operation shall be subjected annually, by authorized personnel, to phase I recall by use of the key switch, and a minimum of one-floor operation on phase II. Deficiencies shall be corrected. A record of findings shall be available to elevator personnel and the authority having jurisdiction.

      Testing elevators equipped with firefighters’ emergency operation is required to ensure that the operation functions as required during an emergency
  3. Record of findings: A checklist has been provided in order to assist authorized personnel conducting the annual firefighters’ emergency operation tests. This checklist provides the minimum requirements for testing firefighters’ emergency operation. More comprehensive tests may be required.

    The checklist provided may be used by authorized personnel conducting the tests or the authorized personnel may choose to develop their own checklist based on the specific requirements for the elevator(s) being tested.


Nav Chahal,
Provincial Safety Manager - Transportation

Safety Standards Act
Elevating Devices Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation
FRM-1719 Checklist for FEO-Record of Findings