Information Bulletin: Maintaining clearances on passenger ropeways to other types of equipment



Reference number
B-P4 090224 1

This information bulletin is being issued by the BC Safety Authority to inform passenger ropeway contractors of a potentially unsafe condition where snowmaking equipment or other types of equipment (e.g. construction cranes) may interfere with required clearances when operating in the vicinity of passenger ropeways.

The BC Safety Authority has been made aware of a recent incident in Ontario where a snowmaking gun mounted on a rotating arm swung into the path of a moving carrier and seriously injured a passenger. Passenger ropeway contractors are reminded to ensure that persons operating this type of equipment in close proximity to their passenger ropeways are maintaining required clearances and ensuring that this equipment is not in danger of coming into contact with moving carriers or any other ropeway components. Daily visual inspections of the entire length of the ropeway are required as per CAN/CSA Z98-07 clause 11.12.1 and must consider these clearance requirements.

Please review this information with passenger ropeway operations and maintenance staff, snowmaking departments and on-site construction contractors as required. Corrective action must be taken immediately if a potentially unsafe clearance issue is identified. If you require further clarification on this information bulletin please contact your local passenger ropeway safety officer.



Jason Gill

A/Provincial Safety Manager – Passenger Ropeways & Amusement Devices




Bill 19 – 2003                Safety Standards Act

B.C. Reg. 101/2004       Elevating Devices Safety Regulation