Information Bulletin: Notification of amendment to Elevating Devices Safety Regulation



Reference number
IB-ED 2013-02

General details

This Information Bulletin provides information about changes to the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation and provides guidance with regards to the use of the 2000 and the 2009 edition of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B355 code, permits and performance of regulated work.

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Specific details

The Elevating Devices Safety Regulation has been amended as per the attached Ministerial Order (no. M 086).

Effective July 2, 2013, changes to the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation include:

  • Adoption of the 2009 edition of the CSA B355 code (Lifts for persons with physical disabilities).
  • A requirement for contractors to keep a maintenance log book for each device that the CSA B355 code applies.
  • A requirement for owners of an enclosed vertical or stair lift, where the CSA B355 code applies, must ensure that there is an effective two-way communication system installed.
  • Repeal of requirements now specified within the adopted code. This includes the repeal of
    • section 23 - testing requirements for safeties and governors,
    • section 45 - emergency service requirements for existing elevator retrofitted to class C firefighting operations, and
    • section 54(4) - rupture valve requirements for hydraulic elevating devices utilizing flexible hoses.
  • Repeal of section 35(6) which specified affidavit submission requirements for personnel hoist contractors prior to extending the hoist.

Details of all changes made to the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation are available in the attached Ministerial order.


  • Effective July 2, 2013 for all new elevating device installation permits obtained, or installation work performed under an operating permit, the work must be performed in accordance with the requirements of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) B355- 09 code.
  • For all installation permits obtained prior to July 2, 2013 work will be done accordance with the 2000 edition of the CSA B355 code, which is the edition in effect at the time the permit was issued.



Janice Lee, P.Eng

Provincial Safety Manager, Elevating Devices




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Elevating Devices Safety Regulation