Information Bulletin: Otis CT driving-machine outboard sheave shaft bearing lubrication



Reference number
B-L4 090507 1

This Information Bulletin is to notify elevating devices contractors about potential failure of the outboard sheave shaft bearing on this type of machine due to a lack of lubrication of this bearing. This failure may affect and cause, in turn, failure of other driving-machine components, e.g., the worm or gear, rendering the elevator operation unsafe.

Recently, two units with this type of machine suffered outboard sheave shaft bearing failures due to a lack of lubrication. It is possible for the sheave to be disconnected from the mechanical power source when this bearing fails.

CT driving-machine outboard sheave shaft bearng caps have a plug installed in them. The plug is to be removed and a grease nipple installed. The bearing should be lubricated with Shell Alvania EP2 grease or equivalent. Care should be taken not to over-grease.



Janice Lee, P. Eng.

Provincial Elevating Devices Safety Manager




Bill 19 – 2003                Safety Standards Act

B.C. Reg. 105/2004       Safety Standards General Regulation

B.C. Reg. 101/2004       Elevating Devices Safety Regulation

B.C. Reg. 137/2004       Safety Standards Act Repeal and Transitional Provisions Regulations