Information Bulletin: Passenger ropeway contractors pre-operation inspection declaration



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NOTE: If you are seeking the latest information bulletin for pre-operation inspection declarations for the 2018-2019 operating season, please see IB-PR 2018-01 which takes effect October 15, 2018.


This Information Bulletin is being issued to all passenger ropeway contractors operating passenger ropeways or passenger conveyors in British Columbia.

As part of Technical Safety BC’s ongoing auditing, assessment and inspection of passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors, we are requesting that all passenger ropeway contractors complete a pre-operation inspection declaration. One declaration is required for each operating passenger ropeway and passenger conveyor. Four declaration forms in fillable pdf format have been created:

  1. Above Surface Circulating Ropeways (FRM-1574)
  2. Surface Ropeways, Including Those Using Secondary Carriers (FRM-1576)
  3. Rope Tows - Wire and Fibre, Including Those Using Secondary Carriers (FRM-1577)
  4. Passenger Conveyors (FRM-1578)

Operators of reversible, self-powered and industrial ropeways are not required to submit a declaration.

Declaration forms should be submitted to Technical Safety BC before your passenger ropeway or passenger conveyor opens for the 2017-2018 operating season. For ropeways or conveyors that operate continuously year round, please submit your declaration by December 31, 2017.

Declarations can be submitted to:

For the 2017 operating season, the submission of these declarations is voluntary, but we strongly recommend that all passenger ropeway contractors complete and submit the declaration for each of their operating passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors so as to familiarize your teams with the process.

Any questions or feedback on completing the forms can be sent to:



Nav Chahal

(Acting) Provincial Safety Manager, Elevating, Passenger Ropeways & Amusements



Safety Standards Act

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