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IB-EL 2015-01
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The following bulletin provides guidance on the application of Electrical Safety Regulation, section 21.


A recreational vehicle is a combination of a vehicle and living quarters. The vehicle is subject to regulations under the Motor Vehicle Act, and the living quarters are subject to regulation under the Safety Standards Act. In British Columbia, compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act is administered by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia while compliance with the Safety Standards Act is administered by Technical Safety BC.

Under section 21(1) of the Electrical Safety Regulation, a recreational vehicle must have either a mark or a label of a certification agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada or an approval label issued by Technical Safety BC under section 10 of the Safety Standards Act.

The term “certification agency” is defined in the Safety Standards Act, and Electrical Safety Regulation, section 20.1. The terms “certification body” and “inspection body” are also used throughout industry. For the purpose of the Safety Standards Act, “certification agency” includes any “certification body” or “inspection body” that is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. Details regarding the accreditation process can be found on the Standards Council of Canada website at

The Canadian standard for recreational vehicles is CSA Z240 RV series (not to be confused with CSA Z240 MH series). Recreational vehicles that have a certification mark from an accredited certification agency are certified for use in accordance with the Canadian standards system and are suitable for use anywhere in Canada.

Recreational vehicles that have been approved under a process authorized by the Provincial Safety Manager are suitable for use only in British Columbia.

New recreational vehicles

  1. New recreational vehicles must conform to CSA Z240 RV series and are required to show evidence of conforming to the applicable standard through labelling as per section 21(1) of the Electrical Safety Regulation.
  2. When a new recreational vehicle is missing the approval mark, the owner or vendor of the unit must apply to the certification agency for special acceptance and labelling.
  3. Applications for Technical Safety BC approval for new commercially produced recreational vehicles will not be accepted.

Used recreational vehicles

  1. Used recreational vehicles may only be offered for sale without re-inspection in British Columbia if a recognized certification label is present and the wiring has not been altered.
  2. Used recreational vehicles that do not have a recognized certification label or have had the wiring altered must be evaluated and approved by an inspection body that is recognized by the Standards Council of Canada.

New or used recreational vehicles imported into British Columbia

Analysis of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) (1192 (The US standard for RVs) shows significant differences between CSA Z240 RV Series and NFPA 1192 prior to the 2008 version of NFPA 1192, with fewer differences between CSA Z240 RV Series and newer versions of NFPA 1192. Therefore, it is possible to provide a certification upgrade that takes a newer RV (made to NFPA 1192, 2008 and newer) and provide approval to CSA Z240 RV Series. For recreational vehicles that were built to versions of NFPA 1192 older than 2008, or those not manufactured to any standard, or substantially modified, a full certification upgrade is not possible due to the unknown or unsuitable base condition of these units. A simple fire and shock inspection is available and it is only limited to a BC approval.

Testing and approval options for imported recreational vehicles:

New and used recreational vehicles that have been imported into BC have testing and approval options as described in Table 1. Please see your registered recreational vehicle dealer for more information about obtaining approval for imported recreational vehicles.


Fire and shock inspection:
a limited safety check which is only valid in BC. This inspection is mostly designed for used recreational vehicles.

Certification upgrade, BC only:
Unlikely to be used, as new inventory with no certification should not exist. (NOTE: Quality Auditing Institute (QAI) created one inspection checklist that is intended to cover both the ‘fire and shock’ program and the ‘certification upgrade – BC only’ program. Both the ‘fire and shock’ and ‘certification upgrade – BC only’ program result in the same QAI label shown below. )

Marks and labels:

Certification upgrade, BC only - Recreational vehicles that have been inspected for BC-only approval will be authorized to bear the following mark:

Certification upgrade, BC only


Certification upgrade - applied to recreational vehicles that have been built to 2008 or newer versions of NFPA 1192. This inspection provides full Canadian equivalent to the electrical requirements of CSA Z240 RV Series.

Recreational vehicles that have been inspected to this requirement will be authorized to bear the following approval mark:

Certification upgrade

Note: Verification of manufacture year may be done through the manufacturer’s vehicle identification label.

Table 1

Certification Condition Approval Options






Optional safety check for modified units (Fire and Shock Only)

NFPA 1192 (2008 or Newer)


Certification upgrade to Z240 (Canadian approval)

NFPA 1192 (pre 2008)

New, existing inventory

Certification upgrade, BC only approval

NFPA 1192 (pre 2008)

New, future inventory

Return to manufacturer, no approval available

NFPA 1192 (2008 or newer)


Certification upgrade to Z240, Canadian approval OR Fire & Shock inspection only, BC only approval

NFPA 1192 (pre 2008)



Existing inventory, Used

Fire & Shock inspection only, BC only approval

Fire & Shock inspection only, BC only approval


Provincial Safety Manager

Safety Standards Act
Electrical Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation
Directive – Recreation Bulletin D-EL 2015-01