Information Bulletin: Recreational vehicles installation and service technician scope of work



Reference number
IB-GA 2020-02

This bulletin clarifies scope of work requirements for holders of a Recreation Vehicle Installation and Service Certificate of Qualification in association with non-CSA manufactured recreational vehicle units (RVs).


Section 13 of the Gas Safety Regulation (GSR), entitles a Recreation Vehicle Installation and Service Technician certificate holder to maintain, alter, repair and install vehicle gas systems in factory-built RVs under an appropriate operating permit. Section 13 of the GSR does not expressly limit the RV certificate holder to work only on RVs that display a certification or approval mark recognized in Canada.

When scope of work expands beyond routine service or maintenance (cleaning, adjusting or repairing an existing part) and requires full replacement of a part or appliance, then that part or appliance must be certified to a recognized Canadian standard and have the same operational characteristics as the one that is being replaced.

Note: Technical Safety BC does not condone the sale of non-Canadian certified recreational vehicles in BC and encourages anyone that finds a dealer or others operating in this manner to please report it to Technical Safety BC and the Vehicle Sales Authority through the following links:

Technical Safety BC:
Vehicle Sales Authority:


David Gionet
Provincial Safety Manager

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Safety Standards General Regulation
Gas Safety Regulation