Information Bulletin: Vendor-supplied machine room equipment guarding



Reference number
IB-ED 2014-01

General details

This Information Bulletin provides information relating to the installation of vendor or Original Elevator Manufacturer (OEM) supplied machine and equipment guarding to a regulated elevating devices product.

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Specific details

Some owners of elevator equipment have deemed it necessary to add vendor or OEM supplied guarding to either new or existing elevating devices product. Any addition of these guarding systems to a regulated product must meet all the requirements of the applicable Acts, Regulations and Codes.

The addition of any of these guarding systems to a regulated elevating devices product will be classified as a Minor Alteration requiring a Special Inspection. Attached to the submission must be a detailed set of drawings of the proposed guarding. Each individual unit to have guarding installed will require a separate submission.

The design of a guarding system must include the ability for the Licensed Maintenance Contractor to access and be able to perform all necessary maintenance and inspections required by the OEM and all applicable Acts, Regulations and Codes.


It is the responsibility of the owner of the regulated elevating devices product that has had additional guarding installed to ensure access to the guarded equipment to allow for inspections that need to be performed as required by the BC Safety Authority.



Houssam Hamze

Provincial Safety Manager (Acting), Elevating Devices




Safety Standards Act

Elevating Devices Safety Regulation