Information Bulletin: Water circulation inlets in waterslide pools operation and maintenance requirements



Reference number
IB-P4 060714 1

Attention: Operators of water slide pools in British Columbia

The BC Safety Authority has been reviewing a recent incident in Quebec where a young boy was trapped in a water inlet suction pipe in a water slide discharge pool. It is believed that the boy’s feet reached the waterslide water pump and were injured by the pump impellers. As a result of the injury, both lower legs required amputation.

In order to reduce the risk of similar incidents, the BC Safety Authority strongly recommends that all waterslide pool operators check the condition of protective devices that are required on water circulation inlet pipes. Devices which are in place to prevent guests from becoming trapped should be checked on a routine basis. Fasteners for these devices should be secure.

It would be advisable to review section A1.6 (b) of the CSA Z267-00 safety code for amusement rides which lists requirements for water circulation system inlets.

It is also important to note that the amusement device code referenced above refers to the size of inlets for the water circulation system. The size must not create a suction inlet pressure that would be hazardous to persons using the water slide. In some cases, manufacturers specify what the maximum velocity of the water flow into the inlets may be. Please ensure that these maximum flow velocities are not being exceeded.



Greg Paddon

Provincial Safety Manager, Passenger Ropeways, Amusement Ride, and Recreation Rail




B.C. Reg. 101/2004    Elevating Devices Safety Regulation