Railway Rules Governing Safety Critical Positions: Guidelines for British Columbia’s Provincial Industrial Railways




1. Short Title

For ease of reference, this rule may be referred to as the "Safety Critical Position Guidelines".

2. Scope

These rules have been developed pursuant to Section 20 of the adopted provisions from the Railway Safety Act (Canada).

3. Definitions

A "Safety Critical Position" is herein defined as:

1. any railway position directly engaged in the movement of railway equipment; and

2. any railway position engaged in rail traffic control.

Any person performing any of the duties normally performed by a person holding a Safety Critical Position, as set out in section 3 above, is deemed to be holding a Safety Critical Position while performing those duties.

4. Records to be kept by Company

Each railway company shall:

1. maintain a list of all occupational names or titles which are governed by this rule;

2. maintain a list of the names of all employees qualified to serve in Safety Critical Positions;


3. make all such records related to this rule available to Railway Safety Inspectors of the British Columbia Safety Authority upon reasonable request.