Safety Advisory: Railway occurrence involving collision at undelineated crossing




Reference number
SA-RW 2015-02

This Safety Advisory is being issued to provincially-regulated railways and is subject to the Railway Act, Railway Safety Act, and associated regulations.

Date of Revision: March 10, 2020



On September 21, 2015, an employee at an industrial site sustained injuries after the forklift he was operating was struck by a train as he attempted to cross the railway tracks. The accident occurred along a paved portion of the track that allows for crossing the track at any point within the rail yard.


Recommended actions

As a result of the investigation into this occurrence, Technical Safety BC recommends all provincially regulated railways with tracks that have undelineated crossing locations within their yard perform the following action:

  • As part of your Railway Safety Management System (SMS), conduct and document a risk assessment as to where vehicles cross the tracks on your site, and state what measures are in place to prevent collisions with railway equipment.


Arne Vigen
Technical Leader, Railway
Technical Safety BC

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