Safety Order: Installation or Use of Natural Gas and Propane Fireplaces Manufactured by Security Fireplaces - Models SRGH36, SBGH36, DV73 and DV71



Reference number
SO-GA 2017-01

This safety order is issued pursuant to section 31 of the Safety Standards Act.A person affected by this safety order may appeal this order in writing to the Safety Standards Appeal Board within 30 days.The appeal process is set out on the Safety Standards Appeal Board's website at

Failure to comply with a safety order is an offence under section 72 of the Safety Standards Act. 

Part 1: Details of Regulated Work or Regulated Product 

This safety order is being issued in relation to (circle or highlight one):

Regulated Work – General Regulated Products – General
Regulated Work – Specific Class Regulated Product – Specific Class
Specific Regulated Work Specific Regulated Product

Part 2: Requirement(s) of this safety order

The following gas fireplaces manufactured by Security Fireplaces shall not be sold, leased, rented, installed or used in the province of British Columbia:

  1. Natural gas and propane models SRGH36, SBGH36
  2. Natural gas and propane models DV73 and DV71 Series marketed under the trade name Oliver Macleod.  

All models bear a CGA and AGA certification mark.

This order requires all existing fireplaces to be immediately disconnected from the gas supply and permanently removed from service by a licensed gas contractor.

Part 3: Details of Issue (if applicable)

This safety order is being issued to the following:

All - Owner/User/Installer/Retailer:

This safety order prohibits the sale, leasing, renting, installation or use of the following natural gas and propane fireplace models manufactured by Security Fireplaces:

  • SRGH36
  • SBGH36
  • DV73 and DV71 Series marketed under the trade name Oliver Macleod.

A Health Canada advisory was issued January 12, 2017 warning consumers of certain natural gas and propane fireplaces manufactured by Security Fireplace that may pose safety risks to consumers. There have been two reported national incidents involving these fireplaces due to delayed ignition. The relief dampers on these appliances may not function as intended. These dampers must operate as designed in cases where a buildup of un-burnt gas may be present. Failure of relief dampers to function correctly may cause the glass front to explode into people’s living space, posing a serious risk to the safety of anybody in proximity.

All affected fireplaces currently in use shall have the gas supply to the appliance terminated immediately according to the CAN/CSA B149.1 Installation Code This is required as the manufacturer is no longer in business and no retro fit kit is available.

Distributors, certificate holders and fireplace owners shall consider operation of the affected fireplaces to

pose immediate hazards and shall follow the directions prescribed in Gas Safety Regulation section 54(1) (2) for an unrepairable appliance.

A person who finds any appliance or gas equipment beyond repair or in an unsafe condition must place the appliance or gas equipment out of service, and promptly notify a safety officer of its condition and location. If initial notification is verbal, it must be promptly confirmed by a written statement setting out the details.

To contact a safety officer in a specific region call or email BCSA Contact Center.

Part 4: Details of Ordering Safety Manager or Safety Officer – Please read following page 

I certify that I am authorized to issue this safety order in accordance with section 15 (d) of the Safety Standards Act or that I have been delegated this power under section 15 (g) of the Safety Standards Act.

Brad Wyatt
Provincial Safety Manager – Gas
Date: January 20, 2017

Safety Standards Act:

Safety Orders

  1. To prevent, avoid or reduce risk of personal injury or damage to property, a provincial safety manager may, in writing, issue a safety order.
  2. A safety order may be issued to any person in relation to any of the following:
    1. regulated work or regulated products generally;
    2. a specific class of regulated product or regulated work;
    3. a specific regulated product or regulated work.
  3. For certainty, a safety order issued under this section may apply to
    1. regulated work that meets the requirements under this Act,
    2. regulated work that previously met the requirements under this Act or a former Act but does not meet the current requirements under this Act,
    3. regulated products that meet the requirements under this Act, or
    4. regulated products that previously met the requirements under this Act or a former Act but do not meet the current requirements under this Act, including a regulated product that bears a certification mark.
  4. A safety order may specify any requirement that is intended to prevent, avoid or reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to property and may include any of the following orders:
    1. that an existing regulated work or regulated product must be made safe in compliance with the safety order;
    2. that a regulated product must be
      1. disconnected from a power source,
      2. uninstalled, or
      3. modified before continued use;
    3. that a regulated product must be operated, installed, manufactured or disposed of only as specified or that a regulated product must not be moved;
    4. that current or future regulated work or a regulated product must conform to the terms or conditions of the order;
    5. that a person take or refrain from taking any action that a safety manager considers necessary to prevent, avoid or reduce a risk of personal injury to persons or damage to property;
    6. that the manufacturer make reasonable efforts to recall the regulated product.
  5. The provincial safety manager must give written notice of the safety order to the following persons:
    1. the manufacturer of the regulated product;
    2. an owner of the regulated product if the identity of the owner is known to the provincial safety manager;
    3. the person in charge of the regulated work.
  6. The notice must state the reasons for the decision and that the person has the right to appeal the decision to the appeal board.
  7. Despite section 54, a safety order may not be stayed during an appeal. 

Safety Standards Act
Gas Safety Regulation
Health Canada Advisory RA-61760

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