Safety Order: Pursuant to Transport Canada Order MO 16-02/Revision of Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR)/Removal of Rules 103 (d) and 103.1 (e)


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Pursuant to Transport Canada Order MO 16-02
Revision of Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR)
Removal of Rules 103 (d) and 103.1 (e)

Under the authority of the Administration Delegation Regulation and the Railway Safety Adopted Provisions Regulation: Section 33 of the Railway Safety Act (RSA) the BCSA issues the following Safety Order to the named provincial railways:

Southern Railway of British Columbia
Southern Railway Vancouver Island
BCR Properties Ltd.
West Coast Express


As the province of British Columbia has not yet adopted the federal Grade Crossing Regulation, the following Order is issued to the above named provincial railways who have been identified federally as Local Railway Companies.

In response to Transport Canada’s Order MO 16-02 dated June 1, 2016 which requires the removal of Canadian Rail Operating Rule (CROR) 103(d) and 103.1 (e). The above listed provincial railways must through Operating Bulletin or Special Instructions. maintain the following instruction:

It is prohibited for railway equipment to be left standing in a manner that causes the activation of the warning system at a public grade crossing other than for the purpose of crossing that grade crossing.

It is prohibited for railway equipment to be left standing on a crossing surface, or for switching operations to be conducted, in a manner that obstructs a public grade crossing — including by the activation of the gate of a warning system — for more than five minutes when vehicular or pedestrian traffic is waiting to cross it.


Any railway that fails to comply with this Safety Order will be subject to enforcement measures under the Railway Safety Act of British Columbia. The railway is responsible for safe railway operations under their approved SMS.

Additional Information

For additional information please contact the BCSA Railway Safety Program administration at 778‐396‐2044 or email at


Eric Samuelson
Provincial Railway Safety Manager
British Columbia Safety Authority

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