Annual Report 2016 - Committees, Working Groups and Advisory Panels

Technology Advisory Committees

Boiler technology advisory committee

Derek Belton
Wayne Borrowman
Sanja Boskovic
Terry Connors
Ed Florencio
Rinus Jellema
Bert Johnson
Caleb Lawrence
Steven Lukawitski
Glenn McQuarrie
Richard Michael
Clayton Mullen
Bob Norton
Graham Smith

Electrical technology advisory committee

Andy Cleven
Cam Duncan
Steve Dyck
Jim Gamble
Gary Geissinger
Lawrence Gibson
Mark Kelvin
Nick LeForte
Eddie Low
Jim Mummery
Ken Scambler
Bill Strain
Adam van Steinburg

Elevating devices technology advisory committee

Corrie Archer
Ray DeMeyer
Mike Funk
Rob Houston
Oskar Kwieton
Heiner Marnet
Randy Martin
Wendy Morrison
Steve Patrick
Louie Rapos
Mark Townsend
Monika Varga

Gas technology advisory committee

Derek Belton
Byron Book
Wayne Cankovic
Ian Chang
Rob Gardner
Clint Hillman
Russ Johnson
Gary Lengle
Ken Newbert
Marty Old
Michael Pizzolato
Byron Rilling
Brian Sweet
Darrick Tisseur

Passenger ropeways technology advisory committee

Pat Boyle
Arnie Budd
Danny Cox
Sue Dixon
David Lynn
Bruno Mannsberger
Kevin Nichol
Dean Roberts
Hildur Sinclair
Warren Sparks
Mike St. Clair
George Trousdell
Shawn Whitty
Wayne Wiltse

Technology Advisory Committee Working Groups

Small gas distribution systems working group

To review the directive on terms and conditions or a gas utility operating permit and suggest rewording for intended application for small utilities.

Wayne Cankovic
Barry Cavens
Clint Hillman
Tim Kutaj
Rick Lake
Pat Miller
Glen Ohs
Brian Sweet
Ian Turnbull
Brian Zinn

Aging ropeways working group

To review the state of aging passenger ropeways in BC and advise BCSA on possible strategies to mitigate risks that may be associated with them.

Pat Boyle
Danny Cox
Sue Dixon
Jason Gill
Paul Harkins
Russell Karp
Dave Looney
Bruno Mannsberger
Dean Roberts
Hildur Sinclair
Warren Sparks
Mike St. Clair
Shawn Whitty
Wayne Wiltse

Advisory Panels

Advisory panel of stakeholders

To provide advice or recommendations to BCSA’s Board and the Chief Executive Officer on topical strategic issues and proposed policies and strategies.

Greg Anderson
Gianluca Arcari
Deborah Cahill
Ann English
Philip Hochstein
Catherine Holt
Paul LaBranche
Manley McLachlan
Anne McMullin
Robert (Bert) Neish
Nancy Olewiler
Lionel Railton
Lorne Richard
Dana Taylor
Adam van Steinburg
Jeff Vasey
Mitch Weimer
Bill Yearwood

Power engineering advisory panel

To provide industry insight into the power engineering occupation and identify regulatory barriers and improvements for recognizing individuals with credentials and qualifications gained internationally.

Lance Lane
Steven Lukawitski
Dave Nicolson
Eric Steinson