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State of Safety 2019 Behaviour change

Behaviour change through insight

We build partnerships and share what we have learned so we can help participants make informed safety decisions.


Safety depends on decisions made by people in the safety system. In 2019, we sought to improve our ability to influence safety-minded decision-making by looking for insights in the data we collect and gather from local governments, and developing behavioural interventions.

Our first priority was to develop data sharing partnerships with local governments that would enable us to collect, standardize, govern, and operationalize data collection. By the end of 2019 we had data-sharing partnerships with ten local governments, BC Hydro, and FortisBC. We developed and implemented a data governance strategy and quality review process, and we established priorities for new data acquisitions through the development of a strategic relations policy and the implementation of an innovation portfolio governance strategy. We also put in place an agreement on a data-sharing application program interface with BC Hydro.

In June, we conducted a hackathon that yielded valuable insights from the local government and utility data, one of which was suitable for a Behavioural Intervention test. This insight ultimately improved the conversion of installation permits into operating permits in the electrical technology, which resulted in a cumulative 5.21% increase in Electrical Operating Permits in 2019.

An important program goal in 2019 was to build internal awareness, capacity and skills to use evidence to implement projects aimed at changing behaviour. The organization worked to embed outcome evaluation as a critical component of five major projects in 2019, and targeting all projects in 2020. In addition, we were able to establish multi-year behaviour change initiatives to solve several internal and external challenges:

  • Non-compliance declaration behaviour (via the new non-compliance tracking tool) interim evaluation completed, including data collection, analysis and reporting.
  • Gas installation permit intervention solution implemented, and monitoring of intervention is underway.
  • Multi-year intervention designed for arena owners and managers as part of ammonia release prevention; intervention and evaluation plan completed.
  • Amusement Rides Program Redesign; evaluation planning underway.
  • Virtual demonstration for boiler contractor licensing; evaluation planning completed.

Maintaining momentum on the important priority of positive behavior change will be critical for 2020. The behaviour change strategy delivered in 2019 has been embedded in the 2020 Business Plan and all organizational roadmaps.

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