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State of Safety 2019 - Amusement Devices

Business performance

2019 reflects our strategic priorities to advance the understanding and management of technical risks, leading to enhanced safety throughout the province.


Business performance priorities

Annual Report 2019 - Lifecycle oversight

Lifecycle oversight

Increase participants’ knowledge so that they can better manage safety risks for installation, operating and aging technical systems.

Annual Report 2019 - Product and service delivery

Product and service delivery excellence

Use innovation to increase the effectiveness of our safety hazard assessments and to increase participation in the safety ecosystem.

Annual Report 2019 - Behaviour change through insight

Behaviour change through insight

Build partnerships and share what we have learned, so we can help participants make informed safety decisions.

Download the 2019 Annual Report

Read the full Annual Report 2019

for further details of Technical Safety BC’s activities and achievements in 2019, the Management Discussion and Analysis, and Independent Auditor’s Report