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Technical Safety Reception Area

The executive team

Our executive team is responsible for the sustainable operation and growth of Technical Safety BC.


Executive compensation

Technical Safety BC is a progressive employer with a 10-Year Strategy to move us towards our vision of Safe technical systems. Everywhere. The objectives of Technical Safety BC’s executive compensation is to:

  • Open configuration options.
  • Attract and retain capable individuals with diverse skill sets.
  • Remain internally fair and externally competitive.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to our stakeholder communities.
  • Offer a total rewards package that balances stable elements of compensation with pay at risk.
  • Achieve alignment of our priorities and efforts to our 10-Year Strategy and three-year Business Plan.

The following table shows executive compensation as of December 31, 2019.


Name and Principal Position


Incentive Plan
Compensation Paid

Health and
Wellness Benefits

All Other
Compensation Paid


Previous 2 Years Totals

Catherine Roome
President and CEO
301,903.14 94,597.49 29,737.50 7,347.00 13,237.32 446,822.45 2018=446,103.76
Kate Baillie
VP, Communications & Marketing
186,666.42 8,486.24 18,386.62 4,693.80 9,120.00 227,353.08 2018=49,140.40
Phil Gothe
VP, Operations and Client Experience
218,773.60 42,884.73 21,363.58 6,485.40 10,012.32 299,519.63 2018=274,333.68
Kate Parker
VP, People
186,666.41 - 18,386.62 6,709.80 9,709.67 221,472.50


Derek Patterson
VP, Regulatory Leadership & Corporate Secretary
225,208.71 48,574.31 22,183.05 7,104.70 9,637.32 312,708.09 2018=310,049.40
Claudio Pini
Chief Information Officer
65,544.42 - 6,456.13 2,236.60 3,649.79 77,886.94


Ab van Poortvliet
VP, Data Analytics & Decision Science
190,536.10 34,962.55 18,767.83 3,889.80 9,637.32 257,793.60 2018=230,206.59
Brian Simmers
VP, Client Experience & CFO
36,595.04 47,693.84 3,379.48 1,178.10 1,593.78 90,440.24 2018=311,594.99 2017=306,782.72

Technical Safety BC’s executive compensation plan elements comprises:

Base salary: Technical Safety BC establishes salary ranges according to a blended market position that is midway between the public not-for-profit sector and the private sector markets. The range spans from 80% to 120% of the blended market median. Placement within the salary range depends on the competence, experience, and level of contribution to the business plan and strategy.

Variable Incentive Plan: This element is the at-risk portion of annual compensation and is dependent on the achievement of critical corporate and individual objectives aligned to our 10-Year Strategy. It is also intended to reinforce our value of accountability at the leadership level in the organization. Annual incentive awards are determined on a discretionary basis dependent on the achievement of strategic objectives that are established annually by the Board of Directors. Corporate performance is assessed by management and audited by Internal Audit. The Board of Directors assesses the performance of the President and Chief Executive Officer and the Corporate Secretary annually. The President and Chief Executive Officer assesses the performance of the remaining executive team members.

Pension plan: Technical Safety BC supports a pension plan that will contribute to employees’ financial well-being in their retirement years.

Health and wellness benefits: A mix of extended health, dental, and income protection benefits are offered to support the health of employees.

Car allowance: A monthly car allowance is provided to account for business travel using personal vehicle.


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