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The executive team

Our executive team is responsible for the sustainable operation and growth of Technical Safety BC.


Abraham van Poortvliet

Title: Vice President, Data Analytics and Decision Science
Location: Vancouver, BC

Exploration and discovery have been recurring themes in Ab’s life. In his role of VP, Data Analytics and Decision Science, he now supports others in their discovery and innovation. By nurturing leadership in others, Ab aims to create a culture of experimentation and learning that propel safety knowledge and action. Together with his team, Ab carries responsibilities for research & analytics, business intelligence, engineering, incident investigation, and risk management.

Ab has worked in a variety of progressive roles at Technical Safety BC since he joined in 2005. Originally from the Netherlands, Ab previously worked as a project leader for safety engineering in railway infrastructure, and as a risk analyst at the Dutch Ministry of Transportation. Ab holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University, a doctorate in public administration, and an MSc in applied physics. He is a registered Professional Engineer and Chartered Professional Accountant in British Columbia.

The executive team

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