Ask an electrical safety officer: Is there a permit fee change for installing backup power generators into existing homes?


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Yes, backup generators for existing homes are included in the new set of lowered electrical installation permit fees that will be released in January 1, 2019, as they are not defined as utilization equipment equipment (utilization equipment is defined in the Canadian Electrical Code as equipment that utilizes electrical energy for mechanical, chemical, heating, lighting, or similar useful purposes).

Based on the table below, an electrical installation fee for a residential backup generator installation will either be $172 (if you are installing just the backup generator without any other electrical work or active permit) or $110, plus other permit fees (if you are installing other electrical work or have another active installation permit in place).

New electrical installation permit fee (type of work)



Electricity production/storage system with other electrical work (e.g., wiring a house plus installing solar panels), or with an active installation permit.

$110, plus other permit fees

$221, plus other permit fees

Electricity production/storage system without other electrical work and without an active permit (e.g., just installing solar panels).



As of January 1, 2019 the above fees will be added as a separate installation permit category to the electrical fee schedule. View the fee schedule.

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