Ask a gas safety officer: How does one get an uncertified gas appliance approved?


Q - "I've been hired to install a gas appliance that lacks the appropriate certification marks. How does one go about getting these appliances approved?"

A - The directive “Approved Certification Marks for Gas Appliances” details samples of all of the certification markings from accredited certification bodies and inspection bodies recognized in BC. If the piece of equipment in question does not display one of these markings there are several possible pathways to get it approved.

  • If the equipment falls under the scope of a nationally recognized standard or Other Recognized Document (ORD), the owner must obtain the services of an accredited certification body to have the equipment certified and appropriately marked as meeting the requirements of the applicable standard.
  • If the equipment does not fall under the scope of a nationally recognized standard or ORD, the Technical Safety BC Gas Product Approval Program may be used to have the equipment approved for use by the Provincial Safety Manager. This process involves an application for design registration, an installation permit, and a Product Approval permit. Once this is completed, a Technical Safety BC Product Approval Label will be affixed which shows the appliance is permitted for use within the Province of BC.
  • An accredited inspection body may also provide inspection services. Accredited inspection bodies apply an approval mark to one-of-a-kind and limited run commercial and industrial gas-fired appliances and equipment that may be designed for installation at a specific site or assembled onsite where no standard or ORD exists.

See directive D-GA-2017-02- Gas Appliance Approvals  for further details on Gas Appliance Approvals.

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