Ask a gas safety officer: What are the permitting requirements for new portable classrooms?


A contractor asked us: "What are the permitting requirements for the installation of new portable classrooms? The rating plate on the modular home has a certification marking on it referencing a CSA A277 standard and the National Building code."

Our safety officers advise:

The CSA A277 Standard is a quality control standard for the certification of factory built pre-fabricated structures. This standard by itself is not a construction standard, but a method of ensuring compliance to specified codes or standards such as the National Building Code, National Plumbing Code, and the B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, throughout construction.

The CSA A277 standard stipulates that the manufacturer must indicate which codes or standards the structure was built to on a) the specification sheets for the structure, and b) on the rating label. To determine what the permitting requirements are, you must determine what parts of the gas system, if any, were included in the certification.

If the B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Code is one of the codes referenced in the specifications for the structure and all parts of the gas system and equipment are included in the specification sheets, a “Connection of gas piping to a new or used certified mobile building with existing appliances” permit is required.  If the B149.1 code is not referenced in the specification sheet, a full Installation permit is required for all parts of the gas system or equipment within the structure.

For more guidance, see Directive: Requirements for Connection of fuel supply to mobile units, manufactured housing and recreational vehicles

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