Ask a gas safety officer: What inspections are required for a contractor installing or replacing gas appliances?


Section 34 of the Gas Safety Regulation requires the holder of a permit, or the gas fitter that represents the holder of the permit, to notify Technical Safety BC that regulated work has been performed:

  • Immediately upon completion of each phase of the gas system, and 
  • Immediately upon final completion of regulated work.
  • Or, at no less than 180 days from the date of permit issuance or date of last assessment request

If the permit holder, or gas fitter, has personally inspected the work to comply with the Safety Standards Act and regulations and complies with the notification requirements in GSR s.34, an installation permit issued for regulated gas work is sufficient to authorize use of the system – unless the appliance is one of those types indicated in GSR s.26 (2). However, if the required request for inspection/declaration has not been received, the permitted system or equipment is not authorized to be placed into service.

If the regulated work only requires the replacement of an appliance, and the installation is within Technical Safety BC’s jurisdiction (add link to Jurisdiction page) a contractor can opt to use the “Gas Appliance Replacement Decal Program”. This program allows the like-for-like replacement of water heaters under 50,000 Btuh, ranges, barbecues, and dryers in residential occupancies. The appliance replacement permit decal is used in place of an installation permit and provided that the procedures are followed,  no inspection request is required.

For more detailed information, see the following directives:

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