Ask a PR safety officer: What are some of the most common non-compliances?


During Technical Safety BC inspections, safety officers assess whether the maintenance, operation, and testing of a ropeway or conveyor complies with the Safety Standards Act, Elevating Devices Safety Regulation, and the CSA Z98 Safety Standard for Passenger Ropeways and Conveyors. Some of the most common non-compliances we issue are related to:  

  • Signage
  • Smoke detector operation
  • Set-up of loading or unloading area
  • Documentation of training and maintenance work completed.

Once a non-compliance is issued, it is the contractor’s responsibility to confirm to Technical Safety BC that any non-compliance item issued on a Certificate of Inspection has been completed in the required timeframe. To confirm that you have taken action to rectify the situation, complete the Passenger Ropeways Information System Confirmation of Correction of Non-Compliances Form. Please email the completed form to

If more time is needed to complete the non-compliance, or if you cannot complete the item for some reason, you need to contact the safety officer who issued the non-compliance.

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